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first of all id like to say to everyone on the board, as im new to it. my name is Tim, and i used to be on the world of nintendo vb board years ago. so im not new to the vb, see my name, yep ive got an old vb page http://www.geocities.com/virtual_boy_2k/ which i dont think has been updated in 2 or 3 years, but anyways … awhile ago i sold of my copies of v fishing, insmouse, and space squash, cause i nedded the money, and i was thinking about rebuying space squash, cause it was the only one i thought was worth the $$$ i paid for it, but then i was thinking about flash/eeprom carts for the vb, and that i needed roms for it. now i want to make an eeprom cart for myself, but first i wanted to know if anyone knows where i can get the roms *besides homebrew* the more rare the better, i have all usa realsed games and a few from japan. planet vb used to have commerical roms. they used to have ’em.

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Other than the word “eeprom,” this *ROM REQUEST* is not dev’ing-related at all!

There’s a reason PVB used to have commercial ROMs, Tim…

Good luck finding another copy of S. Squash. Keep watching the “Noteworthy Auctions” thread.

i can get another copy of space squash for 60 if i wanted, but i have the rom, and yes it is a bit of a rom request, but since i have all but 4 roms and im sure everyone know which 4 those are, i figured the best people to ask would be you all, the few that still care about the system as i do, and since the dev forum seemed like a good place to start, im sorry if ive offended anyone, i just want to play the games that sell for 100s of dollars, believe me if i could still get them for 39.99 like back in 95-96 i would.

As far as i know the roms your looking for has not been released to the public, only a few selected ppl here has them >.> and i doubt they give them to anyone they don’t know, am i right ppl? ^^

you can get em’ with some serious looking…


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