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With the 20th anniversary on the horizon & a perfectly functioning VB in hand, is there anything that may be done to ensure less problems later?

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Are your displays soldered? If not, then that is a very important thing you need to get fixed, if you live in the USA or at that part of the world PM runnerpack, if you live in Europe, I can do it for you if you want me to.

Every single display gets glitchy without repairs now or later. When soldered that cannot happen.

I’ve read of the procedure but never figured it would be considered preventative…

Anyhow, i am in contact with RP at this moment. Thanks!

Any other suggestions?

(Thanks for the referral, TheForce81 :thumpup:)

KJ4860 wrote:
Any other suggestions?

Just the general “keep away from sunlight, dust, heat, and moisture” kind of stuff, really.

Once they’ve been soldered it doesn’t matter as much, but it still might be a good idea to leave the IPD knob turned fully counter-clockwise (widest IPD) when not in use.

I’ve also noticed that the plastic washer in the stand’s tilt mechanism can get stuck after a while. If you take the VB off its stand for storage, you might as well also loosen the knob a bit and let it “breathe” 😉

I’ll let the more-qualified “collector-types” put their two cents in, now 😉


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