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Hi! I haven’t been on this site for about 6 months, something like that. But I found a ReMiX some or, all of you may like.
They only have one remix though. And that’s Red Alarm. I’ve listened to it myself and, I must say, It’s great!. Hope you all like it. LaTeZ

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This was the first remix I downloaded from OCR. More than a hundred remixes later it’s still one of my favorites. Right after I heard this I played through Red Alarm to see if I had overlooked its music. Unfortunately the title song is probably the best in the game, not that the other music is bad, it just doesn’t stick out as much.

Oh, cool. It’s on my favorites list too. =)
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I’ve been listening to OC ReMix for years. I remember when that RA remix first appeared.

Honestly, how many people play the VB, let alone remix it?

Not many people? Lol, theres only one remix.


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