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what is the best way to take pictures of gameplay or high scores
i have some pretty good pictures of in game stuff but o cant get my scores to show

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Run your game in an emulator, aka reality_boy, or red dragon. Then you can hit ‘p’ at anytime to take a screen shot.

If you wan to take pics of the real VB screen get a tripod and set your camera to manual mode so the colors dont get funky. But there is no way to ‘capture’ a digital image of the VB’s screen at this time.


its a real vb but i dont have A tripod just a digital camera and I took some good pics but i cant read the ones with my scores

Are the pics just black? If so you should try to brighten them up in a graphic program. It was the same with my cam 😉

NO just blurry

See, a tripod would help with the blurry. Also the VB display refreshes 50 times a second so you need a 20ms shutter speed to capture a full frame, idealy you would keep the speed between 20 ms and 40 ms max. Play with the manual modes on your camera and force manual controlls of shutter speed and f-stop. Adjusting f-stop up and down to optimize image brightness.



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