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Hi everyone,

I’m testing the games from the Coding Competition and so far, the GB Emulator is the only one working on my VirtualBoy using the FlashBoy. All other games (from the Competition) are not working, just a blank screen. ROMs are working, at least in the emulator.

The Flashboy itself works otherwise fine, any other ROM works like expected.

Does anybody has the same problem?

I have the latest version of the FlashBoy, that one in a 3D Printer case. I’m also using the latest version of the FlashBoy Loader.

Thanks for you help!

And sorry for my bad english… ^^

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make sure you are flashing 2mb files.

run the following:

pad the following on your own:
flappy_cheep_cheep.vb is only 1mb
StarFox.vb is 128kb
zpace_racers.vb is 512kb

the padded files should run without issue. are you getting any error when you flash them? does the software say 100%? after flashing the working gbemu, did you try a vb rom to make sure the issue isn’t with your FB?

I’m new in the FlashBoy “Family” and didn’t know i had to pad the roms. This explains a lot. >.< Thank you very much, every rom works now. ^^


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