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Anyone seen one of these? Looks like a simple store display consisting of a VB unit with a coupe, of brackets to secure it to a counter, and an instruction card on a chain.
This one has the bracket on the head unit but not the security chain or bracket for the counter.
The most interesting part is the instruction letter from Nintendo and the instruction card on a chain, which is the same card as the regular counter-top display.
Oh and came with a boxed power adaptor set too.

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Quiet around here lol!

I do have that instruction card with the chain, and I remember VUEFinder posting about this type of “display” before. I don’t recall seeing the bracket with it before, though. It is certainly about as basic of a display system as they come!

I’ve been meaning to get at this thread, this is a great find!

It’s very nice to see the original instruction sheet. The display I had documented here was missing it, so it puts the installation of the chain and brackets in a much better perspective.

I’ll attach a picture of the chain and brackets.

It was probably easier to remove the chain from the bracket rather than removing the bracket from the head unit once it was applied, and this is most likely why yours still has that bracket attached to it.

Cool stuff!

Thanks guys!
One problem with that bracket, it covers one of the screws to take apart the head unit.
The displays need to be resoldered but this makes that hard to do without removing the bracket somehow.
Decided to just leave it as is, might sell it on EBay.

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