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Incredible, look at this :

“STAR FOX prototype

-> 3500 € <- SOLD OUT! EXCELLENT ETAT / MINT CONDITION NO BOX AT ORIGIN EXTREMLY RARE!!!" The price is really impressing isn't it ? But don't worry, it's Sold out. Original page : http://www.shibuyagame.fr/liste.php?rub=7&lang=fra

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I can’t see the boxshot, does anyone have it?

Yeah, this is really something. I mailed the guy who runs the site and hopefully he can give us some more info.

There probably never was any boxart made for this game btw

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Of course there is no box art, because this is a technical demo. It was only meant to be shown on tradeshows to demonstrate what the VB can do.

And secondly I am sorry to disappoint you, but this has been discovered long time ago already, I think there’s even a thread about it on this forum. This is most likely FAKE, probably to attract visitors to the site. I bet if they reply they tell you something like iit was sold recently and they won’T give you any info about it 😉

Well, by boxart, I meant the picture beside it. For me there is just a red X, so I was wondering if it showed up for anyone.

I get a red X too. I think they did that on purpose. How can there be box art for a game that never existed (other than a technical demo)?

Then again, Half.com DOES have that box art for Dragon Hopper even though it was never released so anything’s possible…


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