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Hello, I am a new member and long time VB owner. First and foremost I want to mention that I have absolutely no programming skills (well maybe some BASIC) and my electrical/mechanical skills are, suffice to say, meager. BUT, I am eager, young, and yearning for knowledge. Just recently I had stumbled upon this huge devoted VB fan base. I have always admired the VB’s powerful, untapped abilities and its sheer physical beauty and that’s why I have come to this forum today, to you, for guidance. I want to help the VB thrive and support one of Gunpei Yokoi’s most ingenious inventions: the Nintendo virtual boy.

Now then, ready for some noob bombardment? I am. I want to eventually program games for the VB so any recommendations for this would be appreciated: books, websites, programs, ect., ect. I am already somewhat familiar with the VB’s history, but I am completely ignorant as to how it operates. Here, I would like to see board schematics and some of its technical operations. Again, any recommendations or experience would truly be appreciated.

I am sorry if my insolence has insulted some VB guru, but as I explained before, I am young, eager, and I yearn for knowledge. In the past I have found it frustrating to find any sort of information regarding programming and technical specs, so I turn to these forums. I, as well as others like me, would truly appreciate any sort of guidance…so thanks.

PS: if this post is in the wrong place, or there are others like it, I apologize.

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Hey Paul, welcome to the community!

To start learning how the VB works, I’d suggest reading David Tucker’s VB Programming Manual.
Then you should download and install gccVB and start with looking at the available source codes. By playing around with them and modifying them you learn writing programs for the VB pretty fast.

The VB is a pretty straight platform, it is extremely easy to program for it, you don’t need much more than some basic programming knowledge to get good results. Blox, for example, is not much more than a bunch of variables, ifs and loops, in which graphics are moved over the screen ;P

All the docs, programs etc you need can be found in the Progamming section of PVB.


Hey thanks KR155E, ill check this out as soon as possible!

i read through some documents and downloaded vecc, somesort of compiler, but it doesnt run on my computer. Can vecc run in XP or not? If not, AM I DOOMED?!?!

NVM, I found a newer one. How do i use these programs such as geevb in conjunction with an emulator and ultraedit?

Just substitute gccVB for VECC in the tutorial. For gccVB, look in the “compile.bat” included in the “bin” folder for a description of how to get UE to run it.

It’s pretty easy to setup a user tool in UE. From the compiler example, you should be able to make one for the emulator. You should get both Red Dragon 0.38 and Reality Boy 0.81.

Since you said you’ve only used BASIC, here are some C tutorials:



Yes, this is very useful.
Thank you Runner.


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