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I know it sounds really silly, but is there a demoscreen on the VB-display if you start it without a game? I just ask because I have temporary no game and there isn´t anything that makes me sure the VB works.

Bad English, I know, but perhaps some other people have “stupi” question too.

ciao koteshi

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Hehe. No, nothing happens when you start up the VB without a game, it does not have an Operating System (Or isn’t this the reason? Not sure, since even the Game Boy had a start up screen that was “built in”). If you want to know if it works, put your ears close to it, you should be able to hear the mirrors spinning, a humming sound.


ums auf deutsch zu sagen, der vb summt ein wenig wenn du ihn anmachst, musst mal genau horchen.. viel apass beim games kaufen :vbsmile:

hmm, nothing is humming…
Perhaps the batteries are not powerful enough…
I hope so 🙁

Remember never to mix ‘used’ batteries with new ones. I had a bad experience once. If you think it’s the batteries, you should buy 6 new ones.

I hope everything works out alright.


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