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That looks awful. It’s weird that, ten years on, they still can’t put 3D in games without a large, cumbersome eyepiece.

Also, am I the only one who thinks it looks to be covering some of the buttons?
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Hey, that’s awesome!

They could have made it more… professional-looking, though…

I was thinking of developing something similar for either a DS (if cheap home dev’ing is/will be available) or two linked GBAs.

I was planning on going for head-mounted — with some sort of external controller.

I hate Sony. Thats just a cheap gimmick. I seriously think that Nintendo should re-make the virtual boy with full colour graphics etc… It was way ahead of its time when it came out. Come onnn, Nintendo. Put Sony out of business!

Mr. Red- That thing looks horrible. What the hell is Sony thinking? I really don’t want to hold my PSP 5″ in front of my face for hours on end jsut to play a game.

Phil- That is every VB fan’s pipe dream. We would all love to see a “rebirth” of the VB on some level. But, too many people will remember what a flop the original was, and would probably cast that one to the dungeons as well. As far as putting Sony out of business, try and remember that they sell more than just video games. I doubt Nintendo could pull off such a feat. Anyhow, I like Sony and the games they put out. I hope they stay in the gaming business for years to come.

Yeah, I know it’s just a fantasy. The VB was ahead of it’s time though. I think if Nintendo re-made it it would do incredibly well. To be honest I think playing games on a tv is becoming stale. VR should be the future and Nintendo should be the ones to do it since they made the VB.
As for Sony, I don’t particularly like them. They seem unoriginal to me. The PSP is great, but it’s basically a portable PS2. Don’t get me wrong, it is very impressive technically but it isn’t really original. Besides, I’m still bitter about Sony pushing Sega out of the console business =P

runnerpack: yeah you could use the famicom 3D system ;p

im not sure how tho but i know people use it on vcd players and such.


We should all be optimistic! The ever-expanding and always dynamic video game universe has no choice but to slowly move towards its ultimate goal of Virtual Reality. While I think we are years away from RCA jacks sticking out of our spinal cords, the natural progression of gaming is to acclimate us first by introducing 3-dimensional gaming. The V.B. was met with resistance by an obstinate public that was not ready for Nintendo’s innovation. It has only delayed the inevitable. We will see some advancement in 3D gaming before we can move on.

Sorry if I sound like i’m trying to act smart.

I agree with you, pocket. I just wish it was Nintendo doing it instead of Sony. Nobody appreciates the virtual boy and it seems like Sony are gonna take all the credit for what nintendo started.

Yeah, pocket and manicfoot are right. The VB started 3-D gaming, and I think Nintendo was wrong for stopping production. I’m a Nintendo fanboy, but I do own a PSP, and I think that I would definitly buy Metal Gear Acid 2. -Mainly to see if it can stack up to the Virtual Boy!

Yeah, but the only problem is having to hold it so close to your face while playing. Unless they make a stand and a separate controller that plugs into it some how. Hmmm…

“The VB started 3-D gaming” WRONG!!!

Know your history guys, 3D has been around for ever. The first comercial system that I know of was the vectrex (the vector based home videogame system) next came the sega master system, thain the snes, the Jaguire and thain the VB. There have been a lot of attempts at 3D game systems, the virtual boy was just the only one that was 3D all of the time.


Well, yeah, thats what I meant…

I meant that its the only true 3d system. the VB was specifically designed to play 3d games. Thats what I meant. I’ve looked into the PSP goggle things.. Apparently they’ll only be used during cutscenes and stuff so I guess its not that bad =/

In this day and time i know its very humanly possible to say,make a head mounted eyegoggle type system somewhat like virtualboy,that is very lightweight and attaches to the head with an external plug for your controller,and another cord that attaches to lets say a nintendo revoloution.Play all nes,snes,gba,n64,gamecube and yes virtual boy titles with a head mount that in comparison would seem like a 32 inch high def screen in front of your face.Maybe a little over zelous but a revamped head mounted colored virtualboy that came with some sort of backwards compatibility to play other nintendo products type system would definitly sell if done correctly,and i think the technoligy is definitly here to do it correctly.


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