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In this thread we all want to post cool, spectacular, noteworthy, jaw-dropping […] Virtual Boy auctions on ebay, Yahoo or any other site…

At first here are two auctions on Yahoo Japan (Always cooool stuff on there!) for the japanese Nintendo Store Display:




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A Virtual Boy, with a Blockbuster hardcase, and every USA game boxed –


/me hopes too :->

Here’s even another Display on Yahoo Japan:


I can’t believe how common and cheap they seem to be in Japan 😕


A japanese Counter style Design Phase display:



Jap auction…
Jap auction…
Jap auction…
Jap auction…
Jap auction…

I vote we ship KR155E to Japan 😉

Oh yeah, please! I’d come back with a huuuge bag of VB stuff xD


I second that… oh, and we’ll give you a Bonus gift if you come back with lots of goodies… Do you except cash?

ARGH is space invaders worth 201.88 pound!?!?!?!…I’ll never afford something like that :'(


its the common price for it, sometimes 20 pounds cheaper, sometimes 20 pounds more expensive. sd gundam dimension wars and virtual bowling are not available under 1000 dollars. they are all extremely rare. and even some idiots (like me) buy this games ~_~

Well, SD Gundam and Virtual Bowling _were_ worth that much but I don’t think are still are at the moment.


POAH!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3053822609&category=49237 . That is NICE! The small rare Japanese store display… I want it!


Now THIS is “POAH!!” 😀
A Virtual boy Prototype :woah::woah:


Another small Japanese store display listed… except this time a lot cheaper! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3056537962


Check this out, pretty out of the ordinary.


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Hey don´t you think this was really cheap?



VB with 21 Games!

Why does this guy has no Virtual Baseball???!!?

He does….

Virtual Jockey flyer on ebay (Thanks to Nate for letting me know):
Look at the price though… lol xD



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