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In this thread we all want to post cool, spectacular, noteworthy, jaw-dropping […] Virtual Boy auctions on ebay, Yahoo or any other site…

At first here are two auctions on Yahoo Japan (Always cooool stuff on there!) for the japanese Nintendo Store Display:




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Pretty sure he can cover the rest of the shipping for the price he’s asking

Wow. It would be awesome to have one of those, but I don’t have Ten Large to drop on it.

For 10k I would sell mine! If anyone from germany is interested … ;o)

Looks dirty, sticker in the middle is missing, no word about the key if it is included or not. Glad I got mine much cheaper back in 2015, it took me years finding someone who would be willing to ship it from US to Europe.

I more and more think eBay is a place to put stuff up for a ridiculous price to try to convince the market that items have more value than they are worth. Then eBay can suggest you price higher when you go to sell and the behavior feeds itself.

I had one guy tell me once that he posts items at really high prices because occasionally someone buys it. It?s worth it to them to wait for that one crazy high priced purchase than to sell more at a lower price. I think that item was on eBay over 5 years.

That is maybe true but then again what we are talking about here is a generic plastic key chain. That is very standard marketing and merchandise material.
I would not be surprised if you still find the exact model or something similar like the key chain in merchandise stores like this https://www.budgetkeychains.com/Custom-Plastic-Keychains

In any case, the price in this auction is insane for such a items. If more people are interested in such a key chain, lets order a batch of key chains and let them print the VB logo on it = Win.

This is how collecting works you guys, you don’t have to be so awe-struck whenever you see a rare item with a high price. Half this thread is “lol look at THIS crazy price!” for items that, indeed, sell for that high price. $500 keychain? Sold. $200 pair of flimsy shades? Sold. $150 baseball? Sold. I know those are crazy prices, but that’s because their rarity and collectibility are also proportionately crazy.

Virtual Boy Store Platform Display



turquoise-colored VB for $295, looks like they did a pretty good coating job on it. I don’t know if other people’ll find it noteworthy but I think it’s interesting because of how few color mods I’ve seen of the VB; The only other I’ve seen being the “Virtual Girl.”

I’ve been absent a while, but am always lurking around here from time to time. I’m regretfully selling off one of the last remaining items from my VB collection at cost. It was a one-off, commissioned piece (not official or licensed). Due to the size, material waste and number of layers/colors used, it was just around $300 back in 2012-2013ish. I am asking that, but I will entertain offers. If anyone here is interested, let me know; otherwise, I’ll leave it to the eBay gods.


Whoa, that’s an insanely lucky get for whoever scored that (I totally can’t tell if this is quoting the jack bros listing above from having clicked Reply, new site is weird), but I had similar luck with a niche listing once before. Hard to remember the details but I was watching a number of items from a seller that were all ending around the same time, and one in particular changed from having no starting price to maybe $10 or something. But somehow in doing so, that listing no longer appeared in the search that turned up the others I was keeping an eye on. In the end I managed to win that one uncontested while the others soared in price, perhaps could’ve been something similar here.

If you click on the one bid of the auction, it shows that the seller had accepted a best offer price that someone had sent him. Thus, it appears that the seller was not aware of how much he could have gotten for everything.

Could be that the seller knew the buyer, possibly created the ebay listing just to sell to them specifically?

Was hoping that someone here won this one? I have the Mosaic VB (Krisse’s old unit!) and Mosaic AC tap, but would still quite like to pick up the counter display plate one day. I didn’t bid, but I thought this would have ended higher to be honest:


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Video Boy – only $15,000… https://www.ebay.com/itm/133555458767

From the archives of a video game magazine editor. Obtained legally from a liquidation asset.

Nintendo Virtual Boy TV Boy Intelligent Systems Prototype Demo System

This was used by Nintendo Power magazine to take screenshots of Virtual Boy games in the 90s. This was acquired from Intelligent Systems from an old asset auction awhile back. There are very few of these known to exist. This will allow you to get the highest quality of images and play Virtual Boy games on your TV (via PAL tv format) I have only seen this for sale once in 20 years. Very rare and impossible to find.


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