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In this thread we all want to post cool, spectacular, noteworthy, jaw-dropping […] Virtual Boy auctions on ebay, Yahoo or any other site…

At first here are two auctions on Yahoo Japan (Always cooool stuff on there!) for the japanese Nintendo Store Display:




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You would think for $15,000 they could take some pictures with something better than a 20 year old flip phone.

Not a typical listing of sorts – but would love to see this go to someone on the forums given it’s a one of a kind from a known celebrity:

Have met Nathan at E3 before – solid guy but I am not affiliated with this in any way, to confirm.

Almost had it. Looks like he sold it to the other guy.

These are up on Mercari Japan. VB game flyers. Not sure if they’re authentic or not but they claim 1995.


Wow, that’s in horrible condition. Looks very well worn

There is a LOT of virtual boy flyers on eBay right now. Any one that Will grab one or two?

Oh and i have grab one. 😀

Great to add to a Virtual Boy collection

Robert, you should be careful with this ebay user.
He has the very same flyers (same pictures) right now on yahoo auctions online just with a cheaper price.


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