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In this thread we all want to post cool, spectacular, noteworthy, jaw-dropping […] Virtual Boy auctions on ebay, Yahoo or any other site…

At first here are two auctions on Yahoo Japan (Always cooool stuff on there!) for the japanese Nintendo Store Display:




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I am the seller of the Virtual Jockey poster (I also have a complete Space Invaders up right now) The prices are Buy It Now only — if the items do not sell for these prices, I will not be likely to go much lower…although I may continue to list them at those prices. I am in no hurry to sell them and I’m not even very interested in whether or not they sell at all. This item sells for no less than this price when it does sell (it has actually sold for considerably more than what I have it listed at…and eBay is a much broader market that will allow it to be more available to people whom it has never been otherwise) I know of a total of about 4 or 5 of these to have ever come up for sale…ever. This is about the average price that they sold for in those instances (near mint, to boot) What is there to really base price on with items like these? Just because the market sucks right now doesn’t mean I need to give stuff away. I have thousands upon thousands of pieces of video games and related items…as well as several other extremely rare Virtual Boy items (I deal mostly directly with the “people” who would pay this type of money for this type of stuff. I have sold Virtual Boy items directly that have never even been seen for sale anywhere outside of the time I sold them (not even once otherwise) and they are not even on this site) I actually had plans to send extremely high res pictures to you of the poster when it sold (seeing as the ones you have are pretty low resolution stolen from a Yahoo auction.) Unfortunately, the VB market on eBay has really bottomed out and your laugh is almost warranted judging by the current selling environment — however, I’ll likely be listing other such rare Virtual Boy items (perhaps including a Polygoblock and Bomberman poster similar to the Virtual Jockey one (as pictured on your site, actually))

Actually, I will still provide you the pictures…as well as scan some high resolution pictures of magazine excerpts/articles you don’t yet have on your site — I’m that nice! What would you consider a fair price for the Virtual Jockey poster, then? Like I said, the current price isn’t like it’s unrealistic in terms of the rarity of the item and previous selling prices. I’m going to Japan from Dec 24 – Jan 7…and about 2-3 days ago I had a dream I found a complete Virtual Jockey (for ~$200 if I remember correctly) while there…maybe it was a premonition. If it comes true…I’d better not list it on eBay — I might get laughed at. Let’s not be elitists 😛 – Nick

I didn’t mean to insult you, sorry if it sounded like that. It’s just that such prices have actually been paid (as you said) on Yahoo Japan, which is an even smaller market than ebay on top of that. Poeple really pay nearly $1000 for a flyer, THAT is what makes me laugh. Well, if I had the money to collect EVERYthing Virtual Boy, I’d probably buy it, I admit 😉

First, sorry…this would probably fit better in another forum. Feel free to move it, of course.

There are very few people that I know of who actually “have to have everything” in the Virtual Boy scene — this can be seen more lately with less of “the people” we would expect to be making bids and keeping the prices floating around their “averages” of even one year ago. There are obviously a lot of people who WANT everything…but can’t really see themselves BUYING most of the high dollar items. The people who care most about Virtual Boy (to the point of BUYING most stuff) already have everything they can justify paying “average” prices for…mostly the games (and most serious collectors don’t even bother to collect the ultra rare Japanese games) The line of Virtual Boy items is small enough that even the most interested people end up getting everything relatively quickly. Add to that that the rare items are more obscure than rare and you really start to see VERY few people who can justify paying big bucks for a sheet of paper. This gives little motivation to people to look for new things — there is no incentive for sellers to list obscure stuff knowing that it won’t sell for much — it is really luck hoping someone in Japan just happens to list “junk” with the right words in the title. The most current example would be the empty devcart on Yahoo JP — the guy calls it junk because he found it at a thrift store. The right people/enough people got involved in bidding and it’s already ~$100US (although it was listed again for some reason) I suppose we can only imagine what the EPROMS that might have originally been in those sockets contained (maybe some prototype unreleased game…sigh) I wonder what the next item will be that will give the VB collectors a little boost as far as really cool unknown items still existing out there. The Neo-Geo collectors are a crazier lot of people who seem to pay quite high prices (~$10,000+) for one game in some cases….and there are obviously many more people competing for items in auctions, etc…which drives prices up. Virtual Boy auctions fetch a lot for a basic unit and some common games because the casual “collector” just wants to play the games. Sorry for stating a lot of obvious facts for anybody who follows the scene at all closely. 🙂

both prototypes wario and red alarm, buy it now for $200!!?!?!?!


Demos, not protos…

I found on Ebay not to long ago, an extreemly rare mint copy of Mortal Kombat (yes you read right) with box, instructions ect on Virtual Boy that sold for $2,435.50 US
apparently only about 15 copies were ever released in the world…


Any idea why this item is so expensive:


…Because its rare?

Have you seen the prices of the Virtual Jockey posters lately?

…And Tonya, sorry to sound harsh, but I don’t believe you. Show me some proof and I’ll change my mind.

Do you guys think its cheap/worth to get virtual fishing for less than 30 Dollars/Euros?
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Das dürfte auch noch recht interessant sein:



Huh. Someone bought all 14 remaining copies.

Is this a dev-cart?


and what the hell is that video?


Hope someone can help me :o)

Yep, it’s a dev cart. And the second one is a promotion video of Space Invaders. Is anyone gonna bid on it?

Shoshinkai 1994 3D Glasses:


KR155E ich hab noch Bilder von der Brille von der letzten Yahoo Japan Auktion. Ich kann sie dir gerne senden insofern du sie benötigst ^_^


Ich hab sie auch, aber danke, sind sogar schon auf PVB. Sollten zumindest, denn wie ich grad sehe, ist die HTML zwar da, aber die Pics fehlen ~_? Muss ich mal uppen wenn ich zuhause bin.

I wonder if someone found a case of Virtual Bowling somewhere…there’s three of them on Ebay right now.

They all seem to have a high reserve, I think the’re just not selling for $2000 per copy & are being re-auctioned…


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