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In this thread we all want to post cool, spectacular, noteworthy, jaw-dropping […] Virtual Boy auctions on ebay, Yahoo or any other site…

At first here are two auctions on Yahoo Japan (Always cooool stuff on there!) for the japanese Nintendo Store Display:




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i dont think so…

me neither but it would be VERY kind 😉

anyone see this the seller sez The owners of this site can also verify the possession of this cartridge

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Yeah, I’ve just bought Space Squash for 32€ !!!! Cool, he?? 😀


I couldn’t pass it up. I mean, how often do you get a chance to obtain a copy of Virtual Bowling for under $1,000 with the “Buy It Now” option?

I also just got a copy of Space Invaders for $300 :D.

The seller I bought my copy of V-Bowling from has some nice things in his store. I really don’t have the desire to buy SD Gundam, but that price is almost hard to pass up.


A store display stand is up.


Looks a little shabby. He could have dusted the thing of at least.

You guys should see that I have taken it down since I want to keep it.

Again, just so everyone knows. That guy at the gamefaqs forums claiming to have my VB was probably some guy hoping to win my VB and resell it. I never claimed it to be anything more than a customization job. Here take a look at my posts on another Message Board.


Here’s an interesting one. It’s hard to tell if this is the real deal or not.


Yes, they’re real! They do not contain a beta version though, the contained ROM is exactly the same as the final version.

Hmm… from Sweden eh? DanB, is that you trying to rip people off burning the Virtual Bowling ROM onto EPROM? 😛 $20 says that those chips have never been to Athena 😉 .


DogP, I bet 20$ that the EPROMs have been to Athena.

How would you like to pay me?


Do you take paypal? Because I do ;).


I’m with Shizbah, you can PayPal the 20 bucks to krisse@vr32.de, DogP 😉

Why??? Am I the only one who sees a freshly set of burned EPROMs with screenshots stolen from your site??? BTW, I’ve seen EPROMs that came from Athena, they use their own sticker, not electrical tape to cover the window.

It just seems REALLY fishy that the seller doesn’t even show their own screenshots from their EPROM cart, which they must have to know that they’re Virtual Bowling… and how do they know that it’s exactly the same as the released version? Do they own the original and played them side by side? Do they have a dump of the original and dumped those?

I know that companies do burn final versions on EPROMs for tradeshows or press copies, but I really doubt that they were sending this game out to any tradeshows or game reviewers… so what would the reason for them having burned these “final” chips?

To me, it looks like someone bought some EPROMs, got ahold of the Virtual Bowling ROM, and burned the chips and trying to sell it as an coming from Athena.

I’m not saying that it for sure isn’t, but unless any of you personally know this seller and/or the story, I’d need a LOT more evidence than a single small picture of an EPROM that looks like every other EPROM out there and a couple of generic screenshots for me to spend any money on it. I guess at $200, those who don’t have the ROM might find it worth it to buy and dump just to have the ROM, since it’s a lot cheaper and easier than finding an original, but I wouldn’t count on it being any rare special piece.

So anyone care to fill me in on why you guys think it’s so special? Shizbah, are you the seller? If so, did you get it from someone who claimed that it was from Athena too, or did you actually obtain it directly from Athena? With no details in the auction and none here, I really can’t see why anyone would believe that this is legit.


Hmm, ok DogP’s points sound good but if it is too hard for the usual gamer to burn roms on a eprom they will be happy to own the rarest game. No matter if its original from athena or not.

btw: how expensive are these dev-carts usually? 😉

OK… those were originally sold on Yahoo Japan along with a lot of other auctions for stuff from Athena (including numerous empty VB dev carts). The buyer recently sold the chips to the person in sweden who i assume is the seller of this ebay auction. I received dumps of the chips and compared them to the rom dump of the final version and (unfortunately) they were exactly the same. I have no idea why Athena had the final version burned on eproms, though. Virtual bowling was shown on Shoshinkai 1995, maybe some sets of chips were burned for that, or as pre-release review copies for japanese magazines or something…?!

I bought the eproms and ~5 vb dev carts from an ex-athena employee. The eproms did not have any protection on the window so I put the electric tape on them.

I sold the eproms to the person who is now selling them on ebay a few months ago.


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