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I’m thinking about getting a VBA and I have a few questions, I came across this site through a Google search, and I figured what the hell might as well post a question.

So here are the questions.

1. How much is the VBA and where should I go buy it a used game store? Or should I see if I could get it new at a best buy or something?
2. I realize that the VBA can screw up your games and the system what I want to know is has any one on here had that problem?
3. Where can I find a list of cheats for the VBA?
4. And lastly how hard are the cheat codes to put in? Like I read somewhere that every cheat has to have a : in-between them

Thanks for any response


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Oh god, you actually sound serious…

1-2. The VBA is an emulator for the Gameboy Advance, you can’t buy it. I think you’re thinking about an Action Replay, a cheat device for the GBA.

3. Try Gamefaqs….

4. I dunno. Don’t have one.

5. This is a site devoted to the VIRTUAL BOY. If you want to know more about it you should be able to find the information somewhere, hmm, perhaps on this site?

Haha! Threads/posts like this make me laugh my guts out.

This site is for VIRTUAL BOY, don’t you ppl read before you post? -.- just look to the left of the board and see what a virtual boy looks like.

hey guys,let’s see who can solve my problem,if you do,i will reward you..for real!!
here’s my problem;
you know how the vba emulator has a gameshark and a codebreaker..right?.ok how do you put the action replay codes into the visual boy.because i was playing pokemon emerald and i just beat the game and now i want to catch them all,and the only codes i find are action replay codes…someone please help me out!!!!!
thanks a lot.
please write me to ferargentina_2005@yahoo.com or fer_hardy2003@hotmail.com thanks.


Now leave.



im playing pokemon emerald at the moment and i need help making the (gameshark , coddebreaker ) codes work. i mean i dotn even no wer to type them in srsly sum 1 help me NOW. or email me wit da answer PLEEEZE

if you want gba roms go to emuvortex. they also have gbc roms.

Will this nonsense ever end?

Only if the forum ever gets IP banning.

…That, or the world is struck by an asteroid. 😉

What about giving some brain away?!? Or some eyes to read?!? 😀

i need help with using gameshark and code breaker codes so plz help because when i type the codes in i don’t know how to work them.

plz help!!!


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