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What’s up all,
I’m looking for working (preferably) Virtual Boy Head units and the cosmetic appearance does’nt matter. I’ll consider multiple units. I don’t need the shade the stand or controller or games just the head unit by itself. It does’nt matter if it’s got crayon all over it stickers whatever. I’d prefer working units but will consider units in an untested/unknown condition on a case by case basis and would prefer detailed pictures for units like that. If you have one of these you want to let go tell me how much you want for it with shipping or give me the auction number. Thanks.

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oh yeah you can e-mail me at dilligafel@yahoo.com if you don’t feel like replying to the post.

I have a head unit for sell! But one screen doesn’t work… I think it’s the famous cable that does the problems (as described somewhere on this site), but I wasn’t able to open it. It could be easy to repair it.

Edit: I just saw that I answered you twice… 😀

Cool, Since it’s in need of repair I’ll offer you fifteen USD for it plus shipping subject to photos. It’s just the unit itself, correct? You can e-mail the photos to me at dilligafel@yahoo.com or post them.

Damn! I nearly forgot this topic, sorry!
I have an eyeshade, controller and Mario tennis to sell with the headunit, too, if you want!

Otherwise I’d like to get 20$ for the headunit.

What do you say?

Thanks for the response wish it was a little quicker though because I’ve already purchased a unit on ebay (it was a deal I could’nt resist, a whole unit with the stand and eyeshade for $16.00, otherwise I would have waited a little longer because I try to be courteous in all my dealings.) the unit is for dismantling though so when I receive it and test I’ll let you know I may need another for parts, thanks


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