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The August 2005 Nintendo Power has a one page blurb towards the back of the issue about the Virtual Boy, regarding the 10th anniversary of the system. Indirectly, they make mention of websites like Planet VB:

“A quick internet search reveals an impressive number of enthusiasts dedicated to all manner of Virtual Boy topics, from game reviews and cheat codes to disassembling the hardware in order to paint the unit’s shell. There is also a strong community based on programming new games for the Virtual Boy – a difficult task to say the least considering the programmers work completely without development support …”

Nice to see Nintendo at least acknowledging the system and this particular landmark. 10 years sure has gone by quickly!

– Shawn

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Uh… August issue? 😕
Its only June.

…And that remark about painting the VB should probably be contributed to DP, seeing as he’s the only one who has actually done so. 😉

I believe its fairly standard practice for magazine companies to date their issue a month or two ahead of the actual date. In fact, I think most of them do this. I’ve got the July issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly and Tips & Tricks on my desk as I type this.

– Shawn


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