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I was able to pickup a Virtual Boy the other day that included battery pack, controller, Wario land and headset. Sadly upon arriving at home the system does not power on at all. Upon further inspection i pulled out my handy dandy voltage meter, coming from the battery pack was the 9.8 volts. coming from pins 5 and 6 on the controller was also 9.8 volts, sometimes dips to 8.9 but stables none the less. I decided to open the unit, which thankfully was never opened before. Quick inspection al caps and internally components looked great. Reading other forums stated test the U8 DC-DC-VUE. i quickly noticed pins 1 and 2 only had .8 – 1.2 volts and then on pins 5 and 6 had .002. Clearly the issue is lying with the stepdown controller.

I am not seeing much documentation if any at all on how to repair this problem or work around solutions. easy enough to desolder and replace but seems parts don’t exist for this. Sadly buying any extra parts for these are not cheap, even if i went to the AC adapter route.

Any help and or thoughts on how to fix or bypass? thank you in advance.

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I searched all through the forum and didn’t really see any clear answer. any help would be much appreciated.

You would be helped more in the Discord Server, where the Virtual Boy fans spend most of their time, now.

i asked in the Discord server under repair but nothing as of yet after 3 days.

There, answers do not usually take long to come. If no one is answering you, it’s because no one has the information you need there.

understand. seems to almost as common as the screen issues but very little out there on how to solve or fix. May just have to shelf this unit for now.

try some retro console repair community. Social media usually has a few. If you have a facebook account, I always see people talking about Chris Snead in Virtual Boy related communities.


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