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Are there any places to get a virtual tap premade without having to try and build one yourself? It seems everywhere is sold out or no longer making them. If anyone has an extra one they would be willing to sell or any info it would be greatly appreciated.

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Whoa, did Castlemania go out of business?

Yeah, looks like you cannot get them anywhere I can find :/

I know Furrtek open sourced it. I was going to work on a kit for resale but then Furrtek became really hard to get a hold of (like, waiting >year now lol). I might dive into making this available after I release the Virtual Juice, if no one has done it by then.

Seconded, I really want to find a VGA version of the board and potentially the servo emu. I’ll eventually resort to trying to make my own but was hoping someone else already had some available or left over.

You can always reflash one to VGA output.
I’ve made some small batches of them before and the servo emus, but I’m out of stock again.

Oh this was to add the board to a friend’s unit that wanted to capture some footage, not changing one that I already had installed.

hey ghostlegend17 are you looking for a mod service? i’d like to know as i found a consolised VB online for sale if you’re interested.


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