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If you have it, you know what it is.

If you don’t, it’s an anaglyph (Red/Blue) glasses driver that gives certain OpenGL games stereoscopic graphics.

It’s been discontinued, and I don’t need/want the glasses, anyway.

If anyone has a copy they don’t want, I’d like to buy it. (Although, ideally, since it’s “abandonware” it’d be nice if you just “loaned” me a copy… You know, in the spirit of software preservation, and all that. ;-))

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Note, while I still would like a copy of ESL, now I’m also looking for copies of the WINx3D drivers (for both 9x and XP/2K) and something called “VRCaddy”.

The makers of both seem to be defunct, and I can’t find them on the usual p2p sources.

I’ll also take anything else related to shutter-glasses, especially “H3D,” “e-Dimensional,” and things using interlaced video modes.


Does anyone have a copy of WinX3D that I could get/use until the commercial version comes out (if it ever does)?

YES! I finally found a copy of the 2000/XP version on emule! I’d still like a copy of 98, though… Maybe someone has it to trade?

Here’s an ed2k link. I’ll probably leave it up for quite a while.


Okay, I now have 3 versions of WinX3D. But, to actually use it, I need the SDK so I can write some software, since there’s NOTHING OUT THERE THAT USES IT!!! :/

The worst part is that I had both the drivers and the SDK at one time! Now that I have shutter-glasses, NOTHING!


Sorry… I’m okay, now.

Maybe I can reverse-engineer an SDK…

PLEASE leave this up for a while. I recently bought an HMD with stereo support, but having an ATI card I am SOL :/ Hopefully these x3d drivers will help. I am also looking for anything thats related to stereo drivers. Thanks.


I removed the self-extract module from the one above (it may still have sources, though *shrug*)

Here are some new links:

WinX3D HWI Setup 3.20 NT.rar

WinX3D Setup 3.20 95-98-Me.rar

WinX3D Setup 4.17 NT-2000-XP.rar

And, a WinX3D-based video player (haven’t tested it)


Congrats on the HMD, BTW! What’s the make/model? Where’d you get it? How much? 🙂

I’m this close to getting an Nvidia card. Apparantly, they’re the best cards for “depth-heads” like us 😉

If you find the WinX3D SDK, be sure let me know!

Hey, where are the links!?!?!?

That’s really weird… Anyway, you can search by the names above and probably find them. I’ll leave them up as long as possible, and I can send them directly, if you use an IRC client with DCC capabilities and log on to EFnet #virtualboy


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