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hey i was curios how much a water world vb cartridge should sell for

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well it gone down in price in the last few months i have seen the game by it self go for $18-$20. for the game with box and book about $30-$50 and i saw a SEALED one just go for under $60 so if you dont have the game this is a great time to buy it if you are selling it i would wait for the market to go back up

A friendly tip of advice: if you’re buying Waterworld to complete your VB collection then that’s one thing… but if you’re buying it because you want to have a good game to play, I recommend going elsewhere. Waterworld is one of the worst games I’ve ever played, not just on VB, but on any game system. If you read a few game reviews on the net, you’ll find they all tend to say the same thing. Keep that in mind before shelling out $30-$60.

Disagree! A dumb game for sure but certainly not the worst (how about Teleroboxer?). And a dumb game is only right for something based on a dumb movie.

Cartridge alone should be a WHOLE lot cheaper than boxed. Developer was just putting WaterWorld into production when Nintendo shut down Virtual Boy. Ocean cut their losses by selling off remaining loose carts cheap instead of spending the money to box them up.

Well, I suppose everyone has their own opinion on what makes a bad game and what doesn’t. Personally, I thought Teleroboxer wasn’t half bad, but that’s just me. There are plenty of games for all different systems that people hate that I love and vice versa. Waterworld just happens to be a game I despise, so I thought I’d give a heads up on what I thought about it, especially since it’s one of the more expensive VB games on eBay.

I don’t own Waterworld myself (my friend has a copy), but I eventually want to get it just to complete my VB collection. Will I ever play it? Probably not, but at least I’ll be able to say I own one more VB game.

I personally like the game… it’s not one that I go back and play all the time, but it is pretty fun to pick up and play for a short while. I just think it’s a little too repetitive. It is pretty cool that it’s one of the few games that actually uses the 3D of the system in a sort of first person style game.


I think Water Worldt had potential but it realy was just a tech demo. i suspect that they saw the writing on the wall and rushed it out the door in an effort to recoup there investment before the VB went under.

If you look at the code there are a lot of stupid bugs in the game and there is evidence in the rom that they were planing for much more complicated levels (new enimys, etc). It’s a shame that they did not spend a little more time polishing up the game before release.

David Tucker

Hmm… I’m going to be seeing one of the creators of the game this weekend at CGE, I’ll ask him to see if that was the case with this… it could also be that this game was created entirely by two people, instead of the large teams that other games had (except probably Virtual Lab, I think that was one guy in a basement somewhere 😉 )


You know from a coding standpoint I like V-Tetris the best. Thoes guys knew how to make clean and elegant code. No bugs that I could find, just nice simple algorithems. Of cource it is a painfuly simple game to program. But it definently stands up a lot better than Virtual Labs!

David Tucker

Hey DogP, pass some greetings over to Steve from me, we have been in contact for a while regarding an interview 😉 And yeah, the game was made mainly by two people, Steve Woita and Jason Plumb.

Hahah! I talked to Steve last weekend, he seemed offended by your reviews of Waterworld 😛 . Anyway, I asked him a few things about it, he said when he started, he really wanted to make a pinball game (since he just got done working on Sonic Spinball), but they told him no (I don’t know if this was before they knew Galactic Pinball was being made or not)… so then he wanted to make a 3D Asteroids game, which I guess is what this started out as… but then Ocean bought the rights to use Waterworld in games (which they did make a few different versions of), so Asteroids turned into Waterworld.

Throughout the show, lots of the programmers were talking about why they hated doing licensed titles, like E.T. for the 2600, and a bunch of other games based on movies… they said that it causes the games to be rushed to get done to come out at the same time as the movie, and then the game has to somehow be based on the movie. But I asked Steve if he felt the game was rushed and said not really (the movie was already out before the VB was even released, so it wasn’t rushed because of that)… so I don’t know that they actually had many other plans for the game… I’m also not so sure that it was rushed because they could tell the VB was gonna flop… it was released in December, and from what I’ve read/heard, games usually take at least 3-4 months to get manufactured, meaning they were probably done programming it around the time the VB was released. If I was to guess, I’d say it was just a first generation VB game from a third party group that didn’t have any previous experience working with the VB.


All VB games out there are first generation Games only.
The VB has much more potential!

Well, water world doesent make my list of all time worst VB game (and in the top 10 of worst games I have ever played) on acident. I would have much rather seen a 3D asteroids game, or pinball, or anything. I should have had you ask why he did not use affine mode scaling for the characters? He only crams about 15 characters on the screen at once and his scaling is no smother thain affine mode. Maby there is more dificulty to affine than I know.

David Tucker

Fire: Yeah, I know that they’re all first gen games… that’s why all games that were released are pretty simple compared to how advanced they could be. I just mean that third party companies (like Ocean) had an even harder time since they only had several programmers on one project instead of a place like Nintendo who had lots of programmers on many different projects, so they could collaborate.

David: A couple of years ago I asked Steve about the graphics engine used on the game… here’s what he said:

The hardware Affine stuff was used for the Atoll walls. A partical system that we made was used for the water & shots & explosions & stuff…..The jet skies/drowing people were software scaled & rendered out to the VB sprites.



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