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I was reading the gameshark article saying that the VB was planned to relaunch in 2000 with new games. Do any of you guys know why this didn’t happen? I got all excited for nothing =P

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that’s because the article is soo obviously a hoax… 😉

Didn’t you go to HoaxBuster ? I think it’s on the site…

It certainly fooled me. Was there really a gameboy advance vb model?
I saw it somewhere.


there was an ign april fools hoax about a vb edition gba sp. i guess that’s what you’re thinking of.

It’s a shame that the virtual boy was so unliked that all it’s good for now is pranks. Well these people just don’t appretiate the system I guess. In reality, if the Virtual boy didn’t fail, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is today.

I think the VB would have the following it has regardless of how successful it was. We love it because of the genius behind it, and the fact it is so unloved. If it was successful, then other companies would’ve got into the virtual reality market, and maybe it would’ve been really huge. Even then, the VB would have been remembered as the console that started it all (like the NES is today).

Yup. No denying it. The Virtual Boy is pure genius.


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