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I finally got some shutter-glasses!

Well, I’ve had the glasses for some time, but now I have the driver/adapter thing to connect them to the PC! And, since I now have two pairs, all I need is a headphone splitter to allow two people to see the stereo goodness! (Or, I could save one for when the other gets worn out…)

The set I got is called the H3D Terminator. I hope it has decent software support… For some reason, it seems like there are more shutter-glasses standards than there are shutter-glasses companies πŸ˜›

I can test out the shutter glasses mode of the PVB3 stereo screen-shot applet and Reality Boy! And I’ll be all set when Parasyte implements a “Virtual Boy Color” system in VUE32 πŸ˜‰

Anyway, thanks for reading my excited ramblings πŸ™‚

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Wootilicious! πŸ˜‰ So, how well does the stereoscope applet work?

D’OH! I completely failed to mention that I got them on eBay and they haven’t arrived yet πŸ˜›

I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get them all set up…


They finally (stupid USPS >:() arrived yesterday and they SUPER-TOTALLY-HARD-CORE-ROCK-THE-FREAKIN-WORLD!!!!!

It turns out it was actually the wireless set (seller was mistaken) but there’s a port for the wired glasses, too. So, I can use both pairs at once, and I don’t even need the splitter!

If I use them at 85Hz, the only flicker is in the stuff in the room, like my monitor bezel. A dark room fixes that. At 120Hz (limited to 640×480 mode on my _current_ system ;-)) there is absolutely no flicker AT ALL!

Plus, the glasses are turned on and off by a simple set of colored lines on the top few rows of the screen. They sorta look like a stretched out German flag, cause they use horizontal stripes of red, yellow, black (and green). These could be easily incorporated into RB/RD/VUE32.

Well, enough typing… THERE’S 3-D TO SEE!!!! πŸ™‚


A little late on that one P3n0r.

/me W00Ts even later πŸ˜›

Not that anyone cares, but I just ordered a “new” (for me, anyway) nVidia card which will allow my glasses to work with (nearly?) any game and make them truly 3-D!!! WOOT!

It would be extra schweet if it worked on N64/PSX emus…

Now, if someone could figure out how to modify the Voodoo3 3500 to allow the PC to go to standby, I could make a living-room/DVD/emulator/”TIVO” PC with it. I still might, but I’d really like standby…

OMG its RunnerPack!!! 😯 Long time no see!!! πŸ˜‰

So, how are the glasses working out for you? I’d love to be able to view games in 3D, but the best I have are crappy LCD glasses that stopped working yeas ago… πŸ™

Hiya, lameboy!

Yeah, it’s things like that 3-letter abbreviation you just used that made me leave in the 1st place >:(

But, as for the glasses, I haven’t gotten them to work yet. (With this driver, anyway)

I installed the stereo driver and my computer started going crazy! It wouldn’t boot so I had to load a registry back-up. Then, I installed the latest driver, and it seems to have the stereo support built-in, and it might not support my glasses πŸ™

This and a lack of both time and games to test it with are the major hurdles at this point.

BTW, where’d your website go? You should e-mail me and get me caught up on what’s been happening with you and the “scene” (although I have pretty much read the 3 posts-per-year that have racked up here πŸ˜› ;-))

Well, later

Yeah, it’s things like that 3-letter abbreviation you just used that made me leave in the 1st place >:(

What? Oh my goodness? πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately, the VB scene seems to have died over the past few years. Even if my site was up it wouldn’t have anything new on it. πŸ™

It went down after my previous webhost stopped free hosting, and since I wanted to give it a PHP/SQL overhaul before uploading it to the new one, I left it down.
…Unfortunately I didn’t have the time I had hoped to work on it. I have 2 weeks of holidays starting next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to work on it a bit more.

ok that was good but i much like my real vb

WOOT! I got a driver that works and both LC and anaglyph glasses work great! So far I’ve only tried “Extreme-G2” in shutter mode, and it had a bit of ghosting, but otherwise r0xx0rz. I’m going to try anaglyph and my other pair of LC’s (the wireless ones) and probably increase the gamma. I’m also going to try a Direct3D Quake II port, but I haven’t had luck w/ that so far…

If anyone knows of a fun game that runs on a PIII 450 + 64MB GeForce2 MX, let me know! I’m especially interested in futuristic racing, space fighter combat, and anything else that’s fast and has a lot of inherent depth, but I’ll consider any recommendations.

PS: What are you talking about, bubbletopsebas? πŸ˜›

Congrats on your shutterglasses. I myself have tried to get VB emu developers to support shutterglasses with little to no response πŸ™

Maybe someone can step in???

how good are these ones?

casue they seem cheap compared to other kinds (money wise). Also, how do you tell if a pc (non virtual boy) game works with them or not?


here’s a list that’s a bit outdated, but is pretty reliable

so some shutter glasses work with some games while others dont? also, if they dont come with a driver do you really need one for crt monitors? if so are they hard to find or compatible with various cards?

Yessssss…………shutter glasses are fantastic.
But careful, because they work only with nVidia based videocards (Geforce X,Y,Z) and real CRT style monitors. They don’t work on the LCD flat screens, or with ATI cards, despite some outrageous claims from eDimensional.


Shutter glasses typically work with all games which use DirectX and have a full screen (non-windowed) display. If the game requires DirectX, the chances are heavily in favor working with the shutter glasses.

For the shutter glasses, as I just wrote:
need nVidia video card
CRT monitor

Both are a must.

But once you have those, a fantastic ride with the 3d world is waiting for you. I have various shutter glasses (aka LCD stereoglasses) for the last 15 years, I used it with many games. You can consider me the “professor” of that technology and ask any question you like.


Professor Shutter Glasses,

I recently picked up a set of shutter glasses… you weren’t kidding about needing an nVidia… the ones I got said they worked with ATI or nVidia, but winx3d is gone, so no ATI anymore >_<. Not a problem though, I just popped my nVidia card that I replaced a few months ago back in (I replaced it w/ an ATI for the TV in, but I never used it). Anyway, yeah... they are very cool... MUCH better than the ones I used back in the early 90's with the slow refresh rates. I can't stand a computer monitor with a low refresh rate, and when most were 60-75, cutting that in half was unplayable IMO. Now games are 1280x1024 @ 100-120Hz, cutting that in half is reasonable. And playing N64 emulators in 3D is REALLY cool... it looks like some games have the depth inverted or something so I have to wear the glasses upsidedown, but it really does look cool. Anyway, are you just a user of them, or have you ever done any programming for them? I'm wondering if there's a way to manually control the shutters without hacking the cable and making a circuit with the parallel port, or do I just have to program whatever I want with DirectX or OpenGL and let it automatically control it? I've already tried some of my OpenGL programs and they work in 3D, but that's not exactly what I'm looking to do. What I would prefer to do would be to send a signal to the nVidia driver to tell it to swap the LCDs when I'm changing the image. Any ideas? DogP

it looks like some games have the depth inverted or something so I have to wear the glasses upsidedown………..hat I would prefer to do would be to send a signal to the nVidia driver to tell it to swap the LCDs when I’m changing the image.

It depends which glass and which dongle (the one connecting the glass to the computer) you have. Also, which nVidia stereo driver.

Some dongles have a hardware switch to flip the left-right eye picture. If you have one of those, just press the buttom or throw the switch.

If your dongle doesn’t have such hardware flip option, again depends on the rest of the setup. Most of the time a hotkey (CTRL-whatever) flips the left-right and corrects the setting.

Until you can figure out the above, try to untoggle-retoggle stereo, sometimes that works fine.

Unfortunately the wireless glasses sometimes have this problem, the wired ones don’t.

Finally, eDimensional have a tiny program which is labeled to use to “turn on stereo”. But if you download it (free) it also contains a flip-softswitch.



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