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Bound High! (JU) (Debug)
• Version 1.0 • June 14, 2020

I created this by compiling the original source code with a modern compiler and activating code that had been left out by the developers. The ROM might still be buggy in some parts.

The debug options are accessed from the start screen. I change the way they are accessed to be simpler.

While on the pause screen press:

Right Trigger + A: Brings up the Stage Selection. The Score will display your level selection. Left D-Pad controls level selection: Up = +1; Down = -1; Left = -12; Right = +12. A select the level.

Right Trigger + B: Brings up the Sound Test: The Score will display your song selection. Left D-Pad controls song selection: Up = +1; Down = -1; Left = -12; Right = +12. A will play a sound effect. B will play music. Song 16 and 19 are never referenced from the code, so I assume they are unused songs.

Right Trigger + “Right D-Pad” Up: Activates Auto mode (the cpu will play the game for you)

Right Trigger + “Right D-Pad” Down: Changes the difficulty between easy, normal and hard. You have to die to see the change

Right Trigger + “Right D-Pad” Right: Activates expert mode (nishume in code). After activating change the difficulty with Right Trigger + “Right D-Pad” Down and die. The game should now say expert

Left Trigger: Will slowly progress the game while on the start screen

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