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A Good Start for a "Bad" System By T-SqProductions

Nintendo of America could have made a better choice for a launch game on the U.S. Virtual Boy, but this actually isn’t bad! 😀

Mario and his friends have gone competitive once again from their previous engagement in Super Mario Kart. But this time, they’re doing it on the tennis courts of the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi’s Island, and Dinosaur Land! 😀

3D: The 3D effect in this game is surprisingly effective. You can see depth on the courts and further off into the “distance”

High Points:
*Like I said, the 3D is very effective.
*The characters are very well-drawn.
*The game gets extra points for awesome character animations and poses when you smash the ball past your opponent.
*The computer does very well on your side when you play doubles.
*The rules are accurate.

Low Points:
*No 2-player mode. This would have been great had Nintendo not been stingy on releasing the cable.
*No bonuses other than the credits.

8 / 10

Rated: Jan 24, 2011 • 00:00