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SD Gundam Dimension War GameFAQ
by Brian Hodges • Last updated: Dec 15, 2008 • Version: 1.0
******************************************************************************* SD Gundam: Dimension War for Virtual Boy FAQ by BHodges Version 1.0 Created 12/14/08 This document Copyright 2008 by Brian Hodges. This FAQ is not to be posted without explicit permission by me. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ******************************************************************************* Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy III. Auto Pause IV. Getting Started V. How to Play A. Map Screen B. Commands 1. Move 2. Attack 3. Indirect 4. Ambush C. Combat D. Winning VI. Game Review VII. Version History VIII. Contact Information ******************************************************************************* I. Introduction This is a FAQ for the Virtual Boy game SD Gundam: Dimension War. It contains instructions on how to play and a mini-review. ******************************************************************************* II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy If you have never used a Virtual Boy before, here is how to adjust the screen: On the screen that says 'Virtual Boy' and has squares in the corners, turn the dial on top until you can see all four squares. Then use the sliding bar until the screen is in focus. ******************************************************************************* III. Auto Pause If you turn this on, the game will automatically pause after you have been playing for 30 minutes to remind you to take a break and rest your eyes. ******************************************************************************* IV. Getting Started On the title screen, you are given the choice of starting a new game or to continue a previously saved game. ******************************************************************************* V. How to Play SD Gundam: Dimension War is a turn-based strategy game. The object is to destroy all enemy units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Map Screen The map screen shows you the current battlefield. Units you control will be facing away from you and enemy units towards you. The battlefield is on a 3-dimensional 16 x 16 x 3 grid. The cursor's current position is displayed in Cartesian units at the top of the screen. Controls You move the cursor using the left control pad. You can raise and lower it with the L and R buttons. Press A to select the highlighted unit. If your cursor isn't on a usable unit, pressing A sends you to one automatically. Once a unit is selected, the command menu will be opened. At the top left of the screen you will be shown that unit's life points (Lf) and how many spaces it can move per turn (MV). At the center of the top is that unit's name. On the top right are the commands that unit can carry out. Choosing exit will close the command menu. Once a unit has carried out it's command, an 'E' will be displayed next to it to let you know it can't be used again this turn. Pressing Start pauses the game. If you press Select while the game is paused, it brings up the Virtual Boy adjustment screen. Press Select to bring up the system menu. Selecting Turn End will end the current turn immediately. Save Game allows you to save your current game in one of three save slots. Exit sends you back to the map screen. After you have either given all your units a command or manually ended the turn from the system menu, the enemy units will begin their turn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Commands NOTE: Remember that each unit can only be given one command per turn! ............................................................................... 1. Move Obviously this command let's you move the current unit. The number of spaces the unit can move will be displayed in the top left (MV). Use the left control pad and the L/R buttons to select a destination. Once you have chosen where to move your unit, press A. It will ask if you are sure, select Yes to end the move and No to try again. Even if you don't use up all the unit's movement points, you will not be allowed to move the unit again until the next turn. ............................................................................... 2. Attack When you are adjacent to an enemy unit, you are allowed to attack it. If you end a move next to an enemy unit, you are allowed to attack it that turn. See the combat section for more details. ............................................................................... 3. Indirect This allows you to use a long range attack that will allow you to do a small amount of damage to an enemy unit without worrying about taking damage. You don't actually control the attack, you just watch the computer fire. ............................................................................... 4. Ambush This allows you to lie in wait for an enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Combat There are two types of unit in the game: Ship and Mobile Suit. Any combat involving ships will be automatically controlled by the CPU, you just sit back and watch. When combat is Mobile Suit vs. Mobile Suit, then you get to control the action. MS v MS combat takes place in two stages. In the Approach stage, you fire on the enemy using any direction on the right control pad. Usually they won't fire back! If they do, you use the right control pad to dodge. After ten seconds, you start Close Range combat. In Close Range combat, you have 49 seconds to fight the enemy unit. Attack using the right control pad, each direction fires a different weapon (these are different for every mobile suit). Pressing down on the right control pad swings your sword, this does by far the most damage and is what I recommend you use. You move around using the left control pad. The combat screen is composed of three layers: foreground, middle, and background. Use the L and R buttons to move between these. The battle is over when either a unit loses all its life points or the timer reaches zero. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Winning You win the round once you have destroyed the last enemy unit. You are then treated to a short cutscene (text is all Japanese), then it's on to the next battle. ******************************************************************************* VI. Game Review I'm a big fan of turn-based strategy games, so I was very excited to get the chance to play one on the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Boy, was I disappointed! This game just isn't fun. The mobile suit combat is just wild button mashing and why on Earth can't you control the ships? Pros - Some very nice 3D graphics - Backup battery to save your progress. Cons - Game is very monotonous. - Very little strategy involved. - Combat is just button mashing. ******************************************************************************* VII. Version History 1.0 12/14/08 Created FAQ. If I can ever fight through the boredom, I may eventually add a walkthrough to this guide. ******************************************************************************* VIII. Contact Information You can contact me at Bhodges080@aol.com I would appreciate hearing what you thought of this guide and any thoughts you have for improving it. Be sure to let me know if I have missed anything. ******************************************************************************* End