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Teleroboxer GameFAQ
by Brian Hodges • Last updated: Jan 07, 2004 • Version: 1.7
******************************************************************************* Teleroboxer for Virtual Boy FAQ/Walkthrough by BHodges Version 1.7 Created 07/08/02 Updated 01/07/04 This document Copyright 2002-2004 by Brian Hodges. This FAQ is not to be posted without explicit permission by me. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ******************************************************************************* Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy III. Automatic Pause and Energy Recovery IV. Background Story and Overview A. Background Story B. Basic Overview V. Controls VI. Machine Gun Attacks A. Machine Gun Body Blow B. Machine Gun Punch C. Machine Gun Uppercut D. Machine Gun Hook VII. Saving and Low Battery A. Saving B. Low Battery VIII. General Strategies IX. The Teleroboxers A. Harry B. Pagero C. Spokong D. Dorihey E. Bomkun F. Prin G. Ikanger H. Tukikage I. Bamsham (Legendary Champ) X. My Best Records XI. Game Review XII. Just for Fun A. Intro B. Name Sources XIII. Special Thanks XIV. Version History XV. Contact Info ******************************************************************************* I. Introduction This is a FAQ/guide for the Virtual Boy game Teleroboxer. It contains a list of controls, strategies for beating each of the eight opposing fighters, and a game review. ******************************************************************************* II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy If you have never used a Virtual Boy before, here is how to adjust the screen. On the screen that says 'Virtual Boy' and has squares in the corners, turn the dial on top until you can see all four squares. Then use the sliding bar until the screen is in focus. ******************************************************************************* III. Automatic Pause and Energy Recovery Instead of pausing the game automatically in the middle of the game, you are encouraged to take a break between rounds. If you turn it off, then between rounds your opponent's energy meter will recharge a little, but yours will not. If you leave autopause on then both yours and your opponent's energy will refill a little. ******************************************************************************* IV. Background Story and Overview ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Background Story Here is the background story from the instruction book: THE TELEROBOXER TOURNAMENT! It is the 22nd century, a time when a technology called telerobotics is commonly used. This area of study was developed to enable a robot to mirror the body movements of the human in control of it. The use of Telerobotics enabled robots to work under conditions unbearable to humans. As the technology matured, increasingly specialized robots were created. To increase people's interest in telerobotics, the pre- eminent scientist in the field, Dr. Edward Maki Jr., developed teleroboxing -- a boxing match between robots that are remotely controlled by human players. The players called themselves teleroboxers. BE THE TELEROBOXER CHAMPION! Teleroboxing achieved world-wide popularity immediately. Teleroboxers entered their robots in matches all over the globe, and each claimed to be the best. Finally, a Teleroboxing Tournament was organized to determine the true world champion among the best teleroboxers. You will compete as one of the teleroboxers in this world championship and fight your way to the top. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Basic Overview This is a boxing game (duh) where you control a robot fighter named Harry against other robot fighters. Each match consists of five one minute rounds. If your energy meter reaches zero, you will be knocked out and you will lose the match (getting knocked out looks pretty cool). If your opponent's energy reaches zero, he or she will be knocked out and you win the match. If at the end of five rounds neither one of you has been knocked out, the fighter with the most energy remaining will win the fight by decision. ******************************************************************************* V. Controls Please note that for the rest of the guide CP is short for control pad. Blocks These will block hooks and jabs to the face. Left Guard Press up on the left CP Right Guard Press up on the right CP Left and Right Guard Press up on both CPs This will block uppercuts and body blows. Guard Body Press right on the left CP or left on the right CP These will dodge uppercuts, jabs to the face, and body blows Dodge Left Press left on left CP Dodge Right Press right on right CP This will dodge punches and hooks Duck Press down on either CP Punches Left Jab Press L button Right Jab Press R button Left Body Blow Press right on left CP and L button Right Body Blow Press left on right CP and R button Left Hook Press left on left CP and L button Right Hook Press right on right CP and R button Left Uppercut Press down on left CP and L button Right Uppercut Press down on right CP and R button Machine Gun Attacks All of the following attacks must be charged up by holding the CP in certain directions. When they are sufficiently charged, your fists will start to flash. At that time press the L and R buttons simultaneously BEFORE you let go of the CPs. Machine Gun Punch Press and hold up on both CPs Machine Gun Body Blow Press and hold right on the left CP or left on the right CP Machine Gun Hook Press and hold left on the left CP or right on the right CP Machine Gun Uppercut Press and hold down on either CP ******************************************************************************* VI. Machine Gun Attacks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Machine Gun Body Blow This is by far the weakest of your machine gun attacks. You should only use this after blocking low against Pagero or Bamsham. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Machine Gun Punch This does more damage than the machine gun body blow. It will also leave your opponent stunned for a brief moment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Machine Gun Uppercut This does more damage than the machine gun punch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Machine Gun Hook This is your most powerful machine gun attack. It comes in real handy when fighting Bomkun. ******************************************************************************* VII. Saving and Low Battery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Saving At the end of each match there is a screen that will either ask Next Game? or Try Again? The game is automatically saved when this screen appears. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Low Battery If you see a flashing battery at the top of the screen during a match, then the batteries are about to die and need to be replaced. ******************************************************************************* VIII. General Strategies - When your opponent's energy gets low, the music will change and he or she will become much more aggressive. I call this their "panic mode". - Learn how to block each of your opponent's attacks. Your opponent's fists will flash before attacking, so you will know where the attack is going. - Opportunities to use machine gun attacks are rare so learn when to use them. - If you get hit while your energy bar is flashing, you will become dizzy and it will be harder to block. If you hit your opponent while his or her energy bar is flashing, he or she will become dizzy and you will have a chance to use machine gun attacks. - Sometimes it is better not to rest between rounds so your opponent won't be able to gain energy either. - BE PATIENT! You have five rounds to beat your opponent, make good use of them. - To avoid having a loss recorded when you are knocked out, turn off the power as soon as you see the cracked glass. ******************************************************************************* IX. The Teleroboxers Note: A large part of the fun in this game is trying to figure out how to defeat your opponents. You should use this section only if you are really stuck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Harry - Weight 4300 kg - Height 3.85 m - Armor ~10 mm Description from instruction book: Harry is a highly responsive machine who will only fight as well as you control him. Pour it on with his Machine-Gun Attack Harry is your Teleroboxing robot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Pagero - Power: 4 - Armor: 5 - Agility: 4 - Weight: 4100 kg - Height: 3.9 m - Armor: ~8 mm Description from instruction book: Pagero was the first teleroboxing robot. His favorite offense is his "Sumo Attack". Teleroboxer: Johnny Bysel - Sex: Male - Age: 25 - Rank: D - Country: Great Britain Background info from instruction book: Ex-captain of the "Cookies" baseball team. Because of his love of violence, he retired from baseball to become a Teleroboxer. He loves punk music, but he doesn't like to dress like a punk rocker. Basic Strategies Your first and easiest opponent. He does a poor job of blocking and dodging your attacks. Take the time to learn how to block and counter. Pagero pauses after throwing a hook or uppercut, so if you charge up a machine gun attack while blocking, you can use it immediately after you block the attack. His special attack is sumo slaps to the face that are easily spotted and blocked by pressing up on both CPs. You should have no trouble beating him. Easy Win Press up on the left control pad to do a guard body. Pagero will try to uppercut, quickly press and hold right on the left control pad. Pagero will pause for a brief moment after his punch is blocked, as soon as your fists flash, press L and R simultaneously, but DON'T stop pressing up, after your attack is finished, Pagero will be stunned again, allowing you to charge up and unload another machine gun attack. Just keep up the machine gun attacks until you win. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Spokong - Power: 9 - Armor: 7 - Agility: 4 - Weight: 6000 kg - Height: 4.2 m - Armor: ~20 mm Description from instruction book: His armor is thick and of high quality. Teleroboxer: Big Rick - Sex: Male - Age: 32 - Rank: C - Country: United States Background info from instruction book: Rick is looking for his twin brother that he has not seen since he was 15 years old. Originally a pro-wrestler, Rick began Teleroboxing to search for his brother who was rumored to also be a Teleroboxer. Other rumors say that his brother simply ran away from home because he hated Rick. Basic Strategies Spokong is much more difficult than Pagero. Wait for him to attack, block it and counter with a jab to the face. Keep doing this until his energy is halfway down. He will then pause. When you try to punch him he will duck and his head will stay down. The only way to hit him with his head down is with body blows. Wait for him to punch then block. After you block he may or may not raise his head. He will raise his head after throwing a hook or an uppercut. He will keep it down after he throws a jab. If he does raise his head, hit quickly with a jab to the face. If he doesn't raise it, then hit him with a body blow and follow it quickly with an uppercut. This should stun him and allow you to get in a few more uppercuts. Easy Win While his head is raised, throw a body blow. Spokong will start laughing. Quickly throw an uppercut. This will stun him, keep throwing uppercuts until he comes out of it. Keep doing this until he lowers his head. At that point use the strategy given in the Basic Strategies. Special thanks go to SA2Tails for this strategy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Dorihey - Power: 6 - Armor: 9 - Agility: 7 Teleroboxer: DH.1 - Sex: ? - Age: 4 - Rank: B - Country: Germany Basic Strategies The first thing you should know about Dorihey is that body blows have no effect on him whatsoever. Follow the same block and counter strategy as before. For his special attack he will use his hat as a saw. When he tries this, hit him quickly with a body blow. This won't do any damage, but it will interrupt the special attack. Whenever he tries to jab high, hit him with a uppercut. Easy Win Usually if you do a guard body, Dorihey will jab high. This will leave him open to an uppercut. If you keep doing this you will beat him much faster than usual. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Bomkun - Power: 4 - Armor: 8 - Agility: 6 Teleroboxer: Picky - Sex: Male - Age: 527 - Rank: C - Country: ? Basic Strategies Bomkun has a timer on his chest that counts down from 50. When it reaches 0, Bomkun explodes and the explosion knocks you out. Since there is no way to block this, you must knock him out quickly. I find the best thing to do is to keep throwing uppercuts till he dodges to the side, then to use a right hook. Keep doing this till the timer hits 10. When the timer reaches 10, Bomkun will stop attacking. Use this opportunity to use a couple of machine gun uppercuts or hooks. With this strategy you should be able to beat him before he explodes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Prin - Power: 6 - Armor: 6 - Agility: 9 - Weight: 3800 kg - Height: 3.6 m - Armor: ~7 mm Description from instruction book: She is quick and agile. Teleroboxer: Cheri Freneal - Sex: Female - Age: 16 - Rank: B - Country: France Background info from instruction book: Ever since she was a little girl, Cheri's dream was to be a fashion model. However, her tomboy looks and style were more suited to that of a Teleroboxer. Cheri acquired her machine "Prin" from her friend, Dr. Heckel Brenner, an engineering professor. Although she doesn't know it, word on the street is that Brenner obtained Prin by stealing it from someone else. Basic Strategies Prin is the fastest opponent you've faced so far. Blocking her attacks takes a little practice since it can be difficult to tell if she is attacking high or low. When she raises both hands, she is about to use her special attack, her chest (no really). Block it by pressing up on both CPs. If you stick to your block and jab strategy, you should be ok. Easy Win The easy way to beat her is to keep using body blows, alternating the left and right. Stop only to block when she goes for a slap to the face, then counter with a jab to the face, then continue with the body blows. You should be able to knock her out in the first round. Special thanks to skeg64 for this strategy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. Ikanger - Power: 9 - Armor: 6 - Agility: 9 - Weight: 5100 kg - Height: 4.8 m - Armor: ~12 mm Description from instruction book: Some say he looks cute carrying his Joey. Teleroboxer: Kevin Pasco - Sex: Male - Age: 9 - Rank: A - Country: Australia Background info from instruction book: The eldest son to grow up at the "Pasco" Ranch. Kevin's father wanted him to become an actor, but decided that he didn't have the talent for it. Kevin decided to please his dad by becoming a Teleroboxer champion instead. Now, his father hopes Kevin's younger brother will become an actor. Basic Strategies Ikanger is fast! The majority of his punches will be high, so block these, then counter with a jab. When his joey attacks, do a guard body. The joey will squeal right before he attacks, so listen carefully. Easy Win Just keep throwing uppercuts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. Tukikage - Power: 7 - Armor: 7 - Agility: 10 Teleroboxer: Mamoru - Sex: Male - Age: 27 - Rank: A - Country: Japan Strategies: Tukikage is a real challenge. Use the usual block and counter. When he goes side to side press up on both CPs to block high, then follow up with a body blow when he tries to uppercut you. When he disappears, listen carefully. If he makes the side to side sound then block high with both CPs, then use a body blow when he tries an uppercut. If he is silent, then he is going straight to the uppercut and you should use a body blow. Easy Win Use body blows constantly, stopping only when he goes side to side or disappears. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At this point of the game if you have any losses, you will be told you have to improve your record (you can't just win a bunch of matches, you have to delete the data in this slot and start over). If you have no losses, you will be allowed to face "Legendary Champ", a robotic cat. At this point you will be allowed to enter your name (I have no idea why you do this here instead of when you start a new game). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Bamsham (Legendary Champ) - Power: 10 - Armor: 8 - Agility: 10 Teleroboxer: Milky - Sex: Male - Age: 7 - Rank: AA - Country: Canada Basic Strategies Start off by trying to throw uppercuts under his jabs. Be sure to guard body when he tries to hit you low. When you get his energy halfway down he changes strategy and so should you. Go back to blocking and countering with a jab. He will mainly pound on your head then go low, so block high with both your left and your right, then guard body, followed with a jab. It's risky and takes practice, but you can sneak in a hook when he raises his paw to begin pounding. Be sure to block high when he goes for a hook. It doesn't take much from him to make you dizzy. If he does make you dizzy, watch out for his machine gun attacks, he will either go high or low so block accordingly. He will pause for a second after he finishes, so be sure to charge up a machine-gun attack of your own while you are blocking so you can unload on him when he pauses. I find it is helpful not to let him recharge energy between rounds. Easy Win Start off by throwing left uppercuts until he starts moving side to side. While he is going side to side with steam coming off him, just keep throwing left hooks. For some reason, he will try to pound on your head and the hook will catch him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After you beat the cat you win the belt and get to see the credits (I really like the moving stars in the background). Now you must defend your title. You will face your opponents at random (it is not quite random, you play roulette and press A to try to stop it on the opponent you want to face. Use the same strategies as before to beat them. You should be aware of the fact that your opponents will begin the match in panic mode, so be careful. One loss and you will be retired. If you are retired, you will get a message saying so when you try to start a game from that data slot. You must erase the data if you want to play again. This is the end of the game, nothing new happens no matter how many times you defend your title successfully. The win and title defense counters stop at 999. You can keep playing, but it won't show the additional wins. ******************************************************************************* X. My Best Records Note: Don't send me emails saying that you have beaten my best records. Best Record My best record is 999-0 with 999 title defenses, with a total time of 12:08:19.56 and total rounds of 1176. Best Times These are my best times for beating the eight opponents. All times are from title defense matches. Boxer Time ----------------- Pagero 0:09.70 Spokong 0:18.92 Dorihey 0:16.54 Bomkun 0:27.30 Prin 0:17.54 Ikanger 0:19.96 Tukikage 0:42.00 Bamsham 0:24.68 ******************************************************************************* XI. Game Review This is one of those games that is fun while it lasts, but doesn't last long enough. When you start out the game seems pretty difficult, but once you figure out each fighter's weakness, it becomes too easy. This game could have been great with a few additions: - There should have been at least twice as many opponents. - You should have been allowed to choose which fighter you control. - A two player mode would have been awesome! If you can find a copy for under $10, I would recommend buying it. It will take you only a few hours to beat it, but you should enjoy it. ******************************************************************************* XII. Just for Fun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Intro On the screen where it shows your robot with the flashing background, you can make him punch by pressing the R and L buttons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Name Sources I got bored one day and decided to put these in. These are just suggestions as to where some of the names in the game might of come from. Please don't flame me if you think these are obvious, dumb, or way off, like the section title says, this is just for fun. Harry may come from the Japanese word hari which means "stinger". Bomkun may be derived from the Japanese word bomu and the suffix kun, which put together would mean something like "bomb boy". Prin may be short for "princess". Cheri is French for "darling". Ikanger may come from "kangaroo". Tukikage may come from the word tsukikage which means "moonlight". Mamoru is a Japanese word that means "to protect". ******************************************************************************* XIII. Special Thanks Special thanks go to skeg64 for his help on the Prin and Spokong strategies. Special thanks also go to SA2Tails for his strategy for beating Spokong. ******************************************************************************* XIV. Version History 1.0 07/08/02 Created FAQ, contains all info on controls and fighters 1.1 07/12/02 Added Version History. Fixed some spelling and format errors. Added distribution notice. 1.2 07/21/02 Added My Best Record section, modified distribution notice. 1.3 08/02/02 Made modifications to strategies for beating Dorihey, Bomkun, and Prin and also to General Strategies. 1.4 08/23/02 Made modifications to strategies for beating Spokong, Tukikage, Dorihey, and Bamsham. Added Special Thanks section. Modified Overview section. Added some "flavor" info to all of the robots in the Beating your Opponents section. Updated My Best Record. 1.5 10/27/02 Updated Bomkun strategy and My Best Record. I am now going to see how high I can push the win counter. I will probably not update this FAQ again until I hit 1000 wins or the counter stops. 1.6 06/05/03 Due to negative feedback I have been receiving, I did a major revision of all fighter strategies. Updated My Best Record. Added some more legal stuff to the header. Expanded the Table of Contents and section labels. 1.7 01/07/04 Updated strategies for Pagero. Updated My Best Record. Made some formatting changes. Updated and moved the Just For Fun section. Renamed the Beating Your Opponents section. Fixed mistakes in Prin's and Ikanger's background stories. Fixed typo in 1.4 history description. Created Machine Gun Attacks section and merged the Saving and Low Battery sections. Added info about the win counters. This will probably be the last update for this FAQ. ******************************************************************************* XV. Contact information You can contact me at Bhodges080@aol.com Please leave constructive comments. This FAQ contains all I know about this game. If I have missed anything or you have a better way of beating a particular opponent please feel free to tell me. ******************************************************************************* End