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Teleroboxer Speed Guide
by Brian Hodges • Last updated: Jan 07, 2004 • Version: 1.1
******************************************************************************* Speed Guide for Teleroboxer for Virtual Boy by BHodges Version 1.1 Created 09/28/03 Updated 01/07/04 This document Copyright 2003-2004 by Brian Hodges. This FAQ is not to be posted without explicit permission by me. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ******************************************************************************* Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Strategies A. Pagero B. Spokong C. Dorihey D. Bomkun E. Prin F. Ikanger G. Tukikage H. Bamsham III. Special Thanks IV. Version History V. Contact Information ******************************************************************************* I. Introduction This is a Speed Guide for the Virtual Boy game Teleroboxer. It gives strategies for beating your opponents as quickly as possible. These strategies are for the title defense matches. This FAQ is intended as a supplement to my main Teleroboxer FAQ, be sure to check it out for additional information on this game. ******************************************************************************* II. Strategies The following strategies are for title defense matches. In these matches your opponent will start the match in "panic" mode. Many of these strategies require excellent timing and will take you a while to get down. They also leave you open to attack, so if you aren't careful you will end up getting mauled. For each fighter I have listed two times, a Par and My Best. Par is how quickly you should to beat each fighter after mastering the strategy and My Best is the fastest I have ever beaten that particular opponent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Pagero Par: 0:15.00 My Best: 0:09.70 Immediately charge up a machine gun uppercut and use it as soon as possible. After it is finished, immediately charge another, use it and so on. If you are fast enough, you should be able to beat Pagero without getting hit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Spokong Par: 0:30.00 My Best: 0:18.92 Start off with a jab to make Spokong duck. Follow that up immediately with a body blow to pop up his head. Follow that up by throwing uppercuts as fast as you can. If you are fast enough you should be able to keep throwing uppercuts until you win. If Spokong dodges an uppercut, wait for him to try to punch, then block and counter with a body blow. If his head stayed down, you will hit it and you can start throwing uppercuts. If his head was up, he will start laughing, if you hit him quickly with an uppercut, you will stun him and you should keep uppercutting as long as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Dorihey Par: 0:30.00 My Best: 0:16.54 Throw an uppercut as soon as the match starts and keep throwing them until he is stunned. Then hit him with a machine gun hook. Follow that up immediately with an uppercut. Repeat until you win. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Bomkun Par: 0:40.00 My Best: 0:27.30 Throw uppercuts until Bomkun dodges. When he dodges throw a hook. Try to time your uppercuts so that they connect as Bomkun is punching, this way he won't dodge and you can land more hits. Once he is stunned, quickly charge up and use a machine gun uppercut. Once the timer on his chest reaches 10, Bomkun will stop attacking, you should try to get off as many machine gun hooks as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Prin Par: 0:45.00 My Best: 0:17.54 Start by throwing an uppercut. Continue uppercutting. When she tries to slap you, block, then counter with a jab to the head. Once Prin is stunned, charge up and use a machine gun punch. After the machine gun punch, she will be stunned momentarily, if you are quick enough you can sneak in an uppercut. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Ikanger Par: 0:35.00 My Best: 0:19.96 Throw an uppercut whenever Ikanger tries to punch you. Once he is stunned, charge up and use a machine gun hook. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. Tukikage Par: 1:30.00 My Best: 0:42.00 Tukikage is the toughest opponent to beat in a single round. He wastes a lot of time by going side to side and you must time your attacks perfectly. What you need to do is throw a hook with the same hand he is attacking you with (remember that his right hand is on the LEFT of the screen and his left is on the RIGHT of your screen). Like I said it this is hard to do. When his meter is flashing get ready. As soon as you land your next hook, you need to IMMEDIATELY press up on both control pads and charge up a machine gun punch. Unload as soon as it is charged, you must be really quick or he will block it. He will block or dodge any other of your machine gun attacks, so don't try to use them. Follow your machine gun punch with a quick uppercut. Keep doing this until you win. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. Bamsham Par: 0:40.00 My Best: 0:24.68 Keep throwing left hooks until Bamsham is stunned, then quickly try a machine gun uppercut. Keep doing this until you win. ******************************************************************************* III. Special Thanks Special thanks go to skeg64 for his help on the Prin and Spokong strategies. Special thanks go to SA2Tails for his strategy for beating Spokong. ******************************************************************************* IV. Version History 1.0 09/28/03 Created FAQ. 1.1 01/07/04 Made minor change to header. Updated some of my times. Updated strategies for Prin, Dorihey, Bomkun, Ikanger, and Tukikage. Deleted a sentence from the Contact Information section. ******************************************************************************* V. Contact Information You can contact me at Bhodges080@aol.com I would appreciate hearing what you thought of this guide and any thoughts you have for improving it. Please let me know if I have missed anything or have made any mistakes. ******************************************************************************* End