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Virtual Bowling GameFAQ
by Brian Hodges • Last updated: Dec 15, 2008 • Version: 1.0
******************************************************************************* Virtual Bowling for Virtual Boy FAQ by BHodges Version 1.0 Created 12/14/08 This document Copyright 2008 by Brian Hodges. This FAQ is not to be posted without explicit permission by me. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ******************************************************************************* Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy III. Automatic Pause IV. Starting the Game V. Mode Descriptions A. Training Mode B. Standard Mode C. Tournament Mode VI. Bowling Basics A. Rules of Bowling B. Controls C. Options D. My Recommendations VII. Passwords VIII. My Best Scores IX. Game Review X. Version History XI. Contact Information ******************************************************************************* I. Introduction This is a FAQ for the Virtual Boy game Virtual Bowling. It contains instructions on how to play, tips for winning, and a mini-review. ******************************************************************************* II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy If you have never used a Virtual Boy before, here is how to adjust the screen: On the screen that says 'Virtual Boy' and has squares in the corners, turn the dial on top until you can see all four squares. Then use the sliding bar until the screen is in focus. ******************************************************************************* III. Automatic Pause If you turn this on, the game will automatically pause after you have been playing for 30 minutes to remind you to take a break and rest your eyes. ******************************************************************************* IV. Starting the Game After pressing Start on the title screen, you are given the option of choosing between Training, Standard, or Tournament mode. ******************************************************************************* V. Mode Descriptions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Training Mode When you begin training mode, you are taken to the options screen. When you are done with options, press Start to begin training. Next you can choose exactly how the pins are set up. Use the left control pad to highlight a pin and press A to toggle it on or off. When you are done, press OK to bowl. After your throw, you are taken back to the pin selection screen. You can set up the pins again or select END to go back to the title screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Standard Mode Standard mode allows you to play a single game of bowling. When you first select this mode, you will be taken to a name entry screen. After entering your name (max five characters), select end. You will then be taken to the options screen (same as in Training mode). You will then begin bowling. You will be given a score update every three frames. After you are finished you are given the option of playing again or returning to the title screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Tournament Mode Tournament Mode allows you to compete against four CPU opponents. There are four rounds, each played in a different bowling alley. You play three games each round. If you manage to have a total score higher than the other four players, you win that round. When you start a new game, you first enter your name (max five characters). Then you are taken to the options screen. This is the ONLY chance you get to choose your meter type and the hand you bowl with. You can choose ball weight and toggle BGM at the beginning of each game. You cannot change Wax, this is already set for each bowling alley. Every three frames, you will be shown the current score and standing. The CPU opponents will take this time to taunt you as well. After each round, if you came in first, you are given a password and can continue on to the next alley. If you lose, you are given a chance to continue In order to get the best ending, you have to complete all four alleys without using a continue (it's OK to use passwords). ******************************************************************************* VI. Bowling Basics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Rules of Bowling A game of bowling is made up of 10 frames. For each frame there will be 10 pins. You get two rolls each frame to knock down as many pins as possible. Knocking down all ten pins on your first throw is called a strike. Knocking down all ten pins in two throws is called a spare. Each pin is worth one point. If you roll a spare your score for that frame will be 10 plus the number of pins you knock down on your next roll. If you roll a strike, your score for that frame will be 10 plus the number of pins you knock down on your next two rolls. In the tenth frame you will get an extra throw and pins if you roll a strike or a spare. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Controls You use the left control pad to choose the spot where your bowler stands. You can use the right control pad to change the pin you are aiming for. Press A to stop the spin meter. It then goes to the throw meter. Press A to stop it (as close to the top as possible), then press A again as close to the circle as you can. If you hit it dead on, it will be highlighted black, if you are a little off, it will be highlighted red. If you are way off, it won't be highlighted at all and your shot will most likely be WAY off target. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Options Type Choose between Pow, Nor, or Tec This seems to affect the speed of the power meter. Pow makes the meter go faster and is harder to land, but if you do the throw is a lot stronger. Tec makes the meter slower and it is easier to connect, but the throw will be weaker. Hand Choose between Left and Right. Weight Choose weight from 6 - 16 lbs. The heavier the ball, the less it will spin but the harder it will connect. Wax Choose how far down the lane is waxed. BGM Choose whether or not the background music is on. If you turn it off, it will basically be replaced with ambient sound from a bowling alley. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. My Recommendations For all of these, I assume you are using a right-handed bowler. Different lane conditions call for different balls and throws: No lane wax: 11 lb. ball, spin meter middle of right Half lane wax" 12 lb. ball, spin meter middle of right Full lane wax: 13 lb. ball, spin meter full right Tap right twice (on the right control pad), on the power meter, try to stop it at the top and then as close to the circle as possible. ******************************************************************************* VII. Passwords Begin Quarterfinals: CNLZ TQBD RBZB Begin Semifinals: CQLL TDBH RBZC Begin Finals: CPLP TLBL RBZ- ******************************************************************************* VIII. My Best Scores Single Game: 300 Tournament (3 rds): 900 ******************************************************************************* IX. Game Review Virtual Bowling is an awesome game, it is MUCH better than Nester's Funky Bowling. Athena did an outstanding job creating an authentic bowling experience that makes great use of the Virtual Boy's 3D capabilities. Pros - Controls are very tight. - Good use of 3D. - Plenty of game modes to choose from. - Password system to save progress. Cons - Digitized voiceovers are very scratchy. - No multiplayer. - This game is about as rare/expensive as they come. ******************************************************************************* X. Version History 1.0 12/14/08 Created FAQ. ******************************************************************************* XI. Contact Information You can contact me at Bhodges080@aol.com I would appreciate hearing what you thought of this guide and any thoughts you have for improving it. Be sure to let me know if I have missed anything. *******************************************************************************