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"Blockbuster" launch for Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo of America Inc. • Sep 18, 1995

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 18, 1995--In less than one month on the market, Nintendo's new Virtual Boy 3-D home video game system is already sold out at many retail locations, and 40,000 people a day across the country are clamoring to test the system in a joint rental promotional program with Blockbuster Video and NBC.

More than 100,000 units of the world's first true three-dimensional home game system were shipped within a week of its August 21 national launch. Many retail locations have already exhausted their allotments. "It's a huge hit," says Pete Roithmayr, merchandise director of speciality retailer Electronics Boutique. "We're ecstatic."

Blockbuster Video and Nintendo expect that more than 1 million people will test the system in the first four weeks of its promotion, which allows consumers either to rent Virtual Boy and a choice of two games for three evenings for $9.99; or to immediately test the system on site with specially designed interactive units at 3,000 Blockbuster locations nationwide. Those renting the unit receive a coupon for $10 off Virtual Boy's MSRP of $179.95(a) redeemable at any Nintendo authorized dealer.

According to Ted Innes, vice president, marketing, at Blockbuster: "This is the most successful partner program in the game area we've ever done. People are really excited about Virtual Boy."

"We knew we had an outstanding product, but faced a real hurdle in showing it to people," says Mark Westcott, Nintendo consumer and trade promotions manager. "But because of the true 3-D images, we couldn't demonstrate the visuals to our players if we relied solely on traditional two-dimensional print or television advertising. By tying Virtual Boy in one promotion with both the national retail presence of Blockbuster, and the hip prime-time programming of NBC, we've found a way to generate excitement and wide sampling behind this truly unique video game system."

Virtual Boy is a RISC-based, 32-bit system using two high-resolution, mirror-scanning LED (light emitting diode) displays to produce a 3-D experience immersing players into their own private universe of high-resolution red images against a deep, black background. The 3-D effect is enhanced with stereophonic sound and a new double grip controller that accommodates multi-dimensional spatial movement.

Nintendo Co. Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the leader in the worldwide $15 billion retail video game industry. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere, where more than 40 percent of homes own a Nintendo system.

For more information on Virtual Boy or other Nintendo products, log on to Nintendo's World Wide Web site on the Internet (HTTP://WWW.NINTENDO.COM) or Nintendo Power Source on America Online (Keyword: Nintendo). -0-

(a): Although Nintendo of America Inc. may suggest retail prices for products, the dealer is free to determine on its own the prices at which it will sell products.

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