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The Unofficial Virtual Boy FAQ
by Matt McKenna • Last updated: Jul 08, 2001 • Version: 1.2
---------------------------------------------------------------- |******************T H E U N O F F I C I A L******************| |**************************************************************| |**************************************************************| |**************************************************************| |**************************************************************| |*********************V I R T U A L B O Y*********************| |**************************************************************| |**************************************************************| |**************************************************************| |**************************************************************| |****************************F A Q*****************************| ---------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ WRITTEN BY: Matt McKenna V. 1.2 1. About VB 1.1 VB History 1.2 Why it failed 2. VB Games 2.1 Games List * U.S. Games * Japan Games * Never Released Games 2.2 Reviews * U.S. Games * Japan Games 2.3 Rankings * Top 5 * Bottom 5 2.4 Codes * U.S. Games * Japan Games 3. FAQ 3.1 About VB 3.2 About VB Games 4. Miscellaneous 4.1 Jokes 4.2 Links 4.3 Magazines with VB 4.4 Nintnedo Info 5. About this FAQ 5.1 Where to find it 5.2 Contact the authors 5.3 Credits ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. ABOUT VB 1.1 VB HISTORY Virtual Boy was first released in August of 1995. Galactic Pinball, Mario's Tennis, Red Alarm, Teleroboxer were available at launch. Nintendo struck a deal with Blockbuster Video that got tons of VB's into their stores available for gamers to play. Unfortunately the system was not a hit with most people. VB didn't last long and quickly went down the toilet. 1.2 WHY IT FAILED First off it was 180 bucks at launch with games at 40 a pop. A little steep for a red and black system with very few games. The lack of third party support didn't help, either. Though the advertisements say that VB is portable, it really isn't. Game Boy is portable because you can play it anywhere. VB requires a table or some type of hard, flat surface. One thing that worried some people is that it said it could cause eye damage for children under the age of 7. Also, magazines ragged this system so bad no one wanted to touch it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2. GAMES 2.1 GAMES LIST * U.S. GAMES + 3D Tetris + Galactic Pinball + Golf + Jack Brothers + Mario Clash + Mario's Tennis + Nester's Funky Bowling + Panic Bomber + Red Alarm + Teleroboxer + Vertical Force + Virtual Lg. Baseball + Wario Land + Water World * Japan Games + Insmouse + SD Gundam Dimension War + Space Invaders + Space Squash + Virtual Fishing + Virtual LAB + V-Tetris 2.2 REVIEWS * U.S. GAMES + 3D Tetris Graphics 7 ok looking blocks 'n' stuff Sound F/X 7 ok Fun 7 you know tetris...with a few twists Replay 7 pretty good replay Overall 7 not that bad + Galactic Pinball Graphics 7 good not great Sound F/X 7 weird piball sounds Fun 8 ummm...a lot like playing pinball Replay 9 great replay value! Overall 8 cool if you like pinball(like me) + Golf Graphics 6 ok Sound F/X 7 pretty good golf sounds Fun 7 kinda cool Replay 6 not real good Overall 7 If you like golf then this game might be pretty cool + Jack Brothers Graphics 8 nice 'n' crispy Sound F/X 8 pretty good Fun 8 lotta fun Replay 8 pretty cool Overall 8 pretty neat-o + Mario Clash Graphics 8 nice crisp graphics, great use of 3D Sound F/X 7 normal Mario type sounds Fun 9 it has a great arcade style feel Replay 9 this game is so stinking addictive! Overall 9 great game, should be in your collection + Mario's Tennis Graphics 8 not bad at all Sound F/X 5 not at all like tennis Fun 9 it rocks Replay 9 I still play it Overall 8 a good pack-in + Nester's Funky Bowling Graphics 9 good, can tell what everything is Sound F/X 8 sounds just like a bowling alley Fun 9 more fun than the real thing! Replay 9 the best replay value of any VB game I've played yet! Overall 9 AWESOME! This game MUST be in your collection + Panic Bomber Graphics 8 nice Sound F/X 8 cool Fun 9 it's sooooo fun Replay 10 ADDICTIVE! Overall 8 I love it! + Red Alarm Graphics 7 nice graphics, lines get annoying Sound F/X 7 ok sounds Fun 9 lotta fun, kinda hard Replay 7 lots of replay value, except after you beat it Overall 9 wonderful shooter, buy it + Teleroboxer Graphics 8 pretty good Sound F/X 6 not great Fun 7 ok Replay 5 I don't play this game a whole lot Overall 7 ok game, takes time to get used to it + Vertical Force Graphics 8 pretty good graphics Sound F/X 8 good Galaga type sounds Fun 9 Lot 'o' Fun Replay 8 I still play it Overall 8 I like it! + Virtual Lg. Baseball Graphics 8 nice Sound F/X 7 good baseball sounds Fun 7 ok Replay 5 pretty bad Overall 7 An ok game but since a have the Japan version it's a little hard to tell what some of the things are + Wario Land Graphics 9 great graphics Sound F/X 8 cool sounds Fun 8 fun! Replay 7 not great Overall 8 This is a game that every VB owner should have + Water World Graphics 4 they stink Sound F/X 4 they stink Fun 4 it stinks Replay 4 it stinks Overall 4 it stinks! * Japan Games + Insmouse + SD Gundam Dimension War + Space Invaders + Space Squash + Virtual Fishing + Virtual LAB + V-Tetris Graphics 7 good Sound F/X 6 ok Fun 8 Tetris type fun Replay 9 hey, who stops playing Tetris? Overall 8 good puzzle game 2.3 RANKINGS * TOP 5 1.Mario Clash 2.Nester's Funky Bowling 3.Mario's Tennis 4.Red Alarm 5.Galactic Pinball *BOTTOM 5 1. Water World 2. Virtual Lg Baseball 3. V-Tetris 4. 3D Tetris 5. Teleroboxer 2.4 CODES * U.S. GAMES Jack Brothers Jack O'Lantern Level 2 - 4965 Level 3 - 5923 Level 4 - 0919 Level 5 - 2827 Level 6 - 6313 Jack Skelton Level 2 - 0248 Level 3 - 2745 Level 4 - 9537 Level 5 - 3598 Level 6 - 0531 Jack Frost Level 2 - 3267 Level 3 - 8453 Level 4 - 1309 Level 5 - 7285 Level 6 - 6378 Mario's Tennis Enter the following code(at the title screen) using the buttons on the back of the controler to make the game harder: L,L,R,L,R, Select. Panic Bomber Play only against Bosses Password 1298 Red Alarm Here it is! All the codes for Red Alarm you can find on the 'net! Level 1 Bow Wow Bonus Right when you enter the room with the enemies that look like joysticks look directly at the top left corner. When you get a lock on the corner shoot it. A Bow Wow bonus will appear (it gives you 5,000 points). Retract-O-Arm After you get the Bow Wow Bonus stay on the left until you pass the first 2 pillars. Then will then see boxes sticking out of the wall. Shoot directly under the 2nd one. Game Boy The Retract-O-Arm is pointing to the Game Boy. Shoot where the arm is pointing. Virtual Boy Once you pass all the joystick enemies you will come to a tunnel. Before you go through it shoot the bottom left corner. Virtual Boy Controller After you find the VB, shoot directly across at the corner on on the opposite side. House After the room with joystick enemies go through the tunnel and kill all enemys in the next room. Then go back to the entrance of the room and shoot the bottom right corner. Level 2 Kangaroo People After you kill the first 3 enemies, turn around. You will see a mom kangaroo and her babies. If you kill the mother, the babies go bezerk(then the babies aren't so cute and cuddly anymore). Bikini Babe After the Kangaroos, keep going until you see a waterfall. Turn towards the bottom right, next to the waterfall on the right, and you will see a bikini. Continue shooting around the area to see the bikini babe. Fish When you come to a room with lots of little waterfalls, shoot the one directly to the left as you enter the room. Teleroboxer Practice Mode Start your game normally. Wait for the animated sequence to begin. Before the match starts take a few practice punches. Virtual League Baseball Play against Miracle Team Country Password USA (c)(c)43 CBA2 (c)414 SGN !(c)083 AUS ?(c)083 FRN (s)(c)882 GER (c)(c)281 U K (d) (c)!(s)1 Play against Galaxy Team Country Password USA 00(c)43 CAN 10(d)03 JAP 60904 TWN 70?43 RUS (c)0302 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 3. FAQ 3.1 ABOUT VB Q: Where can I get a VB? How much does it and the games cost? A: You can get them at WaldenSoftware, Toys R Us, and FuncoLand. Don't buy the system for more than $30. Most games go foraround $10 dollars but Toys R Us, which has the best selection, costs $13. Games that are used usually cost around $5. Q: Is it really worth buying? A: Well, I got mine for free. At the time I didn't think was worth buying, but I got it becuase I never played my Sega and it was free. When I brought it home and tried it out I was amazed to see how much fun it actually was. The 3D was sooooo cool. The first three games I got were Mario Tennis, Red Alarm, Nester's Funky bowling, and Teleroboxer. So, in my opinion, I believe it is worth the $30 dollars. Q: Is an AC Adapter a good buy? A: In a word, yes. If you get a good deal and play it enough it's a good buy. Not only do you not have to pay for batteries, but they'll never quit on you when you are in the middle of a Mario Tennis tournement. Although I've had it where my AC set has suddenly stopped working...oh well. Q: I've heard so many bad things about VB why should I buy it? A: Well, actually depending on how much you pay for it you may not want to buy it. What I mean is that for a system as low as $25 dollars and games running as low as $10 new and $2 used it's a steal. I can see how people who spent $180 dollars on this system and $40 dollars for games were disappointed. There are lots of bad things about Virtual Boy, and a few good things about it. But if you are looking for an ok system for extremly cheap I'd consider a VB. I did and I'm very content. 3.2 ABOUT VB GAMES Q: Do they make anymore VB games? A: Not that I know of. Q: How can I get Japan only games? A: Well V-Tetris isn't that hard to get but all the rest are next to impossible. When I bought V-Tetris I called Electronic Botique(EB) directly. All the others I'd just pray! I know a few people may have some luck but don't expect to find them easily. And if you do, expect more then a ten dollar charge! Q: What games were supposed to be released, but weren't? A: This is the list that I have: +Bound High +Dragon Hopper +G-Zero +Mighty Morphin Power Rangers +Street Fighter II +Wurms Q: Where should I buy games? A: Well I'll give you a little break down on the places I've been. Toys 'R' Us Great selection for about 13 dollars a piece Walden/EB Great selection, great prices, have AC adapters, go here first Babbages OK selection, great prices, a good place Service Merchendice Horrible selection, horrible prices do not go here FuncoLand Good Selection, good prices ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4. MISCELLANEOUS 4.1 JOKES You Know You've Been Playing VB when... 1. When you stop playing, look around and say "whoa it's in 3D!" 2. When ever you see your friends they look like they are in wire frame. 3. When you go to a pinball machine and ask were the puck is. 4. When you see a real tennis ball you say "hey, it's not red!" (submitted by Rob) 5. When you see Mario on other systems and you think he looks pale. (submitted by Rob) 6. When you play real tennis and ask where Mario is. (submitted by Katie) 7. When you beg on your knees for Nintendo to make new games. (submitted by Alex) -- The next 5 jokes were submitted by Nick 8. When your batteries keep running out, you beg your local store clerk for the Adapter Set. And your flat broke! 9. When the boxers on T.V look mechanical to you. 10. When on your visit to a huge tower, you see Mario run by holding a shell. 11. When your cereal is red and in 3-d and your milk is black. 12. While watching a space shuttle take off on T.V, you realize that the shuttle is wire-frame. 4.2 LINKS Alex's VB Page http://members.tripod.com/~alex2/vb/ My good friend Alex has just started his VB page and with a few updates it'll be pretty cool! Cam's World of Vboy http://vbworld.home.ml.org Cam's got a good page started. Hope he keeps it up, take a look at this page. Chris' VB Page http://members.tripod.com/~CJDy/vbindex.html One of the best in the buisnes. Do not miss this one. D'Bomb Virtual Boy Page http://www.netlinkworld.com/skinnee/ Skinnee's got lots of info and updates often. Morad's VB Website http://members.tripod.com/~vboyfan/ With updates coming soon, this page will rock! SilverEagle-X's Virtual Boy Page http://home.fia.net/~sheffler/virtual/ A nice looking page. Make sure to give him some feekback! CQ World: Virtual Boy http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Way/3625/main.html A cool page with ways on making VB wearable! VB Johnny http://www.en.com/users/madjohn/vb3dj2.html Another great page that has updates frequently. This is a must see. VBRobert's VB Page http://home.aol.com/Endor429/ A new page with some potential. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4.3 MAGAZINES WITH VB Nintendo Power Most issues between 65-90 Game Informer August '95 December '95 February '96 May '96 4.4 NINTENDO INFO Web Page: http://www.nintendo.com E-mail: nintendo@nintendo.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- 5. ABOUT THIS FAQ 5.1 WHERE TO FIND IT http://www.niia.net/~matt/vb/faq.txt 5.2 CONTACT THE AUTHOR Matt McKenna: matt@niia.net http://www.niia.net/~matt/vb/ 5.3 CREDITS Jokes: Alex Katie Nick Rob VB Friends: Chris Johnny Skinnee Hope this FAQ has been useful!