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VUE-MASTER - Metroid SR Reel No. 3: In-Game Screenshots
• Version 1.0 • August 17, 2018

This reel contains 50 in-game screenshots. The attached 2MB ROM is pretty full now. Also contains spoilers!

About KR155E’s MPO sorting tool:
The Miiverse was a gaming community (by Nintendo) where users were able to post 3D screenshots of their 3DS game play. On november 1st 2017 the website was shutdown. Before that, I’ve downloaded about 130.000 screenshots (20 GB) of different 3DS games. But not all of them were 3D screenshots. If users posted screen shots with the 3D-slider set to zero, also an mpo-file containing two views was uploaded. So 2D screenshots were technically not distinguishable from 3D screenshots.As I only wanted to keep the 3D shots, KR155E wrote me a little tool, that compares the to views inside of mpo files to sort them in 2D and 3D. After sorting, only 30.000 real 3D screenshots (5 GB) were left. 1185 of 2344 Metroid screenhots were left. I sorted 150 interesting ones, this reel contains 50 of them.