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36 Files
clip_ratchet-3D clip_ratchet-3d.pdf

Size: 35 KB
Head-Stand-mount head-stand-mount.stl

Size: 942 KB
Head-stand-mount-3D head-stand-mount-3d.pdf

Size: 92 KB
leg leg.stl

Size: 170 KB
leg_brace leg_brace.stl

Size: 244 KB
leg_brace-3D leg_brace-3d.pdf

Size: 32 KB
leg_corner_sleeve leg_corner_sleeve.stl

Size: 131 KB
leg_corner_sleeve-3D leg_corner_sleeve-3d.pdf

Size: 20 KB
leg-3D leg-3d.pdf

Size: 18 KB
leg-mirrored leg-mirrored.stl

Size: 170 KB
leg-mirrored-3D leg-mirrored-3d.pdf

Size: 19 KB
leg-rubber-end leg-rubber-end.stl

Size: 133 KB
leg-rubber-end-3D leg-rubber-end-3d.pdf

Size: 16 KB
Stand_assy stand_assy.stl

Size: 5 MB
Stand_assy-3D stand_assy-3d.pdf

Size: 416 KB
stand_bracket stand_bracket.stl

Size: 264 KB
stand_bracket-3D stand_bracket-3d.pdf

Size: 27 KB
stand_medallion stand_medallion.stl

Size: 366 KB
stand_medallion-3D stand_medallion-3d.pdf

Size: 63 KB
Stand-M5 dome nut stand-m5-dome-nut.stl

Size: 249 KB
Stand-M5 dome nut-3D stand-m5-dome-nut-3d.pdf

Size: 28 KB
VB-Clip_tab vb-clip_tab.stl

Size: 536 KB
VB-Clip_tab-3D vb-clip_tab-3d.pdf

Size: 66 KB
VB-stand_location vb-stand_location.stl

Size: 350 KB
VB-stand_location-3D vb-stand_location-3d.pdf

Size: 51 KB
clip screw knob clip-screw-knob.stl

Size: 1 MB
clip screw knob-3D clip-screw-knob-3d.pdf

Size: 102 KB
clip screw shaft clip-screw-shaft.stl

Size: 11 KB
clip screw shaft-3D clip-screw-shaft-3d.pdf

Size: 10 KB
clip spacer clip-spacer.stl

Size: 20 KB
clip spacer-3D clip-spacer-3d.pdf

Size: 10 KB
clip spring clip-spring.stl

Size: 21 KB
clip spring-3D clip-spring-3d.pdf

Size: 11 KB
clip_inner_bush clip_inner_bush.stl

Size: 32 KB
clip_inner_bush-3D clip_inner_bush-3d.pdf

Size: 65 KB
clip_ratchet clip_ratchet.stl

Size: 176 KB