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D Wonderland Inc. is a Japanese based former video game developer that was founded as T&E Soft, Inc. in 1982 by Toshirō and Eiji Yokoyama. T&E Soft were primarily known for their Golf simulation games.

The company was renamed D Wonderland Inc. in 2002.

In 2003, Toshirō Yokoyama founded the new company “Digital Golf”, which continued publishing games under T&E brand.

  • The company's original name "T&E Soft" stands for "Technology and Entertainment Software", but was originally comprised of the initals of the founders Toshirō and Eiji Yokoyama.
Company Meta Data
Full Name: T&E Soft Co., Ltd.
Native Name: 株式会社ティーアンドイーソフト
Founded: 1982
Former Company Names
T&E Soft, Inc. 1982 - 2002
D Wonderland Inc. 2002 -