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A retro game store in Japan somehow found at least four 100 ct boxes of Red Alarm, T&E Golf, Virtual Professional Baseball, and Vertical Force. I went and took pictures of all sides of the boxes, but somehow missed the top of VTetris. I will go back and take a photo when I can. The tops of all the boxes say the same thing though; “Precision Equipment / Handle with Care”

The best part about this discovery, is now we know the minimum shipped order was 100 carts. This most likely means there are at least 100 of the big 4 games (space invaders, SD gundam, virtual lab, and virtual bowling).

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Crazy finding! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

Sweet!!! I’m looking foward to see an Virtual Lab ct box! Not that this game’s great but that doesn’t stop me from getting used to it though! 😁

Thank for snapping and sharing – I am one of those people that really like the aesthetics of these boxes, and I was able to collect quite a few of the smaller (20 units) shippers for some of these Japanese games.

If you go back, do you think it’s whin scope to ask the store if they will consider selling some of the bigger empty shipper boxes? I’d be interested in the T&E Games, plus The Kemco shipper box if this is a conversation you can have?

If a deal is realistic, I’d be happy to get you a box for yourself for example, if you were able to help arrange something.

Either that or commission. Please DM me if you’re open to it anyway. I’m also in the PVB Discord under the same name πŸ™‚

I asked that for myself actually, and they said no, unless i buy the contents at their asking price. ill DM you on discord though.

Wow, cool find! Thanks for sharing!


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