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I’m thinking about 2DS… a 3DS without 3D… it sucks.
But somehow it made me think about VB emulation on open source portable consoles.
I have a caanoo and i’m planning to buy a GWC Zero.
Is there any chance to make an emulator work on open source consoles?
I would love to play some games such as vertical force, vb wario land or bound high when i’m not home.
A 3D glasses option would be really good too.

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An emulator could be brought to Ouya, and absolutely love that.

The Caanoo is probably a bit too slow for anything but a highly-optimized VB emu, but getting Mednafen on the Zero should be as easy as recompiling (given that the requisite libraries are available). The screen on the Zero is too small, but it has an HDMI output. The input situation is also a bit wrong, but since it’s Linux and has USB-OTG, you could even use a real VB pad with USB adapter. A cool mod (unless you’re a die-hard collector ;-)) would be to convert a VB pad into a cradle for the Zero.

Most cheap chinese “Andoid” devices can run it, as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phg9P-b7NoE

The Caanoo doesn’t have the horse power, but GWC should be able to run it, once someone ports over a proper emu.

For anyone who is really interested in a true emulation BEAST, try out the Nvidia Shield. It may be a little larger and more expensive than some may want, but the horse power and proper gaming controls can’t be beat.

I think i will buy a JXD, GCW Zero is unavailable now and i want it for Christmas 😉
I hope i can play some vb games on it.
I will update

the current (and only known) 3ds exploit is being toyed with by a few talented people. they currently have some great things working, like nand redirection. according to their reports, it will be possible to run 3ds-mode homebrew on the 3ds using nothing more than the exploit and an sd card. i think it is a very real possibility that someone will bring 3d homebrew to the 3ds. this could mean a virtual boy emulator running in glasses-free 3d. the only catch is that the exploit only runs on firmware 4.1-4.5 and those old 3ds units are getting snatched up quickly.

Play VB on 3DS would be a dream.
Nintendo is an a**hole i hate them for ignoring VB…
I hope on day someone will make VB run on 3DS, just to show it to Nintendo.


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