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Version 1.0 of FacEdit has just been released by thunderstruck. It allows you to edit Faceball and is the tool with which Faceball: Remastered was created. The features:

  • Completely modify all 56 levels of Faceball
  • Set wall positions and types
  • Place enemies of any type
  • Change enemy strengths
  • Change items dropped by enemies
  • Set star orientation of enemies
  • Change enemy behaviour
  • Set item positions
  • Set player health
  • Set timer
  • Change music for levels
  • Modify credits
  • Change control scheme
  • Enable/disable debug menu
  • Test in Mednafen
  • Flash to Flashboy
  • …and more!

Check it out in our forum!

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This is truly a most momentous occasion indeed! It took about a decade for the unfinished prototype of Faceball to finally leave the hands of only a select few, secretive collectors, and now, just a very short time after the prototype was made available to all, anybody can make their own version of the game – potentially being able to make what they believe Bullet Proof Software wanted to, but didn’t get the chance to, make – all thanks to the most excellent work of thunderstruck! Thank you so much, thunderstruck, for all of the many hours that you put into this! 🙂

It’s funny how stuff develops. Bigmak just asked me if I could fix the typos and we ended up with another game and the editor. I’m curious if someone will ever pick it up and build his own version of Faceball.


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