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I share a love of all retro Nintendo, so in that vein I took this photo of my Virtual Boy for kicks. As you can probably tell, I used an old GameBoy Camera to take these shots. It’s the same concept as the Virtual Boy – look through your screen so that the two images come together. I know it’s not very original and I saw some similar photos up on the site, but I thought using a Nintendo GameBoy Camera added a little something.

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Well actually I don’t get how to see a 3D image out of your pictures?!

i do! it works pretty well for me with the cross eye method. for the first time actually! πŸ˜‰

That is pretty cool… although I believe it’s supposed to be non-crossed. That reminds me of my desire to connect 2 gameboy cameras to the VB (although other cameras would probably work better since we have 4 colors rather than just 2).


Nice idea and pretty good execution! Personally, I would have edited the logo to read “Virtual Boy” and possibly changed it to red-scale, but that’s just me. πŸ˜‰

DogP’s right. As the OP said, you have to “look through the screen” meaning it’s a “wall-eyed” or parallel view stereo pair. I find this very difficult to do on a computer monitor, although it’s not so bad with small pics like this. I still prefer cross-eyed pairs, though.

I’m not sure about his “2 colors” comment, though… The DMG Game Boy has four shades just like the VB. In fact, you can see them if you zoom in on this pic. I would still use different cameras, though. Or at least make new digitizer circuitry for the sensors from the GB cams…

I realize that it can be hard to “diver” your eyes with a picture like this (especially on a computer screen) so I did a quick reverse for anyone who can’t see it, or prefers the cross-eyed method. You’re right RunnerPack, it would be interesting to do it in red and maybe put Virtual Boy on the frame. I don’t usually do that kind of stuff becaus I like the idea of viewing the Virtual Boy through the GameBoy Camera, and it kinda loses that feel for me if it’s altered. If I were to do it, I probably would use a slightly (only slightly) higher resolution camera so it might actually seem like it could’ve been using a upgrade from the GameBoy Camera and call it a Virtual Boy Camera.
Thanks for the comments guys!


Pretty cool now I figured out how to see it ;D

here some crosseye red and black

Is it me, or do I actually find the wall-eyed arrangement much easier to view than the cross-eyed one, contrary to everyone else here?

Surprisingly enough, I CAN view the cross-eyed images after a few seconds. Maybe it’s because they’re quite small, and most cross-eyed viewings are much larger and harder to focus on properly.

(Oh, and those red-and-black images still say “Game Boy” at the bottom…I would’ve figured that you would’ve altered that as well to match the new color scheme.)

It’s you, NamelessPlayer. πŸ˜›

But seriously, it just depends on the person which one is easier. I think wall-eyed is more difficult for me since it’s so easy to do the opposite. I’ve been able (and willing ;-)) to cross my eyes since I was very young, and I’ve been free-viewing cross-eyed stereo images for at least a decade. It’s also how I run Reality Boy (when I’m too lazy for the shutter-glasses ;-)). Thus, when I try to see wall-eyed, I automatically revert to crossed… πŸ™


How did you get the images into the PC? Based on the clarity, I’m guessing a transfer cable. Too bad you almost mucked them up with JPEG. πŸ˜‰ *cough* PNG *cough*

RunnerPack –
I transfer my GameBoy Camera picks using a MadCatz Camera Link cable and the software that came with it. This was the only commercially made transfer cable for the GB Camera and PC. I wasn’t smart enough to buy one back in the hay-day of the GB Camera and had to spend a couple of years hunting before finally getting one. The JPEG format was a mistake (it was late when I edited the photos together), I normally keep them as BMPs since the images are so small.

Coincidentally, I can see the 3-D effect easily either way but I prefer the “wall-eyed” view over crossing my eyes; for whatever reason it feels more natural for my eyes to do it that way. I know some people have a hard time with it and there are some that have a hard time doing either. My wife for some reason can’t get her eyes to make it happen using either method. She also can’t stand to play the VB because it hurts her eyes to look in the machine. I can’t help but wonder if there is a connection there…


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