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Another 12 months have passed and we can really look back to a great Virtual Boy year 2002. Not only has this site become twice as big again concerning size and popularity, but also think of the two great new VB emulators ViBE and Red Dragon, the sudden (re-)birth of the Virtual Boy homebrew scene, our big promotion video blowout or the Faceball prototype. Without exaggerating we can say that the last year was the best since the launch of the Virtual Boy in 1995, and it will be interesting to see if 2003 can be even better…

Today we can also celebrate the third anniversary of the birth of our little site, and to this cause we again have a lot of stuff for you.

At first we have many new merchandise thingies like the VB alarm clock, the Denim jeans shirt, the VB sunglasses, another US VB t-shirt, a VB vest and several japanese game posters, one of them of Virtual Bomberman!

From Virtual Boy collector Rezrov we got a better scan of the “Demo Here” sign, the Blockbuster brochure, assembly instructions for the VB Platform Display as well as an article about Virtual Bowling from the UK based Edge magazine. Thanks for those!

More articles we got are from issue 11/02 of the austrian Consol.at (Thanks Freeze), and a scan of the Virtual Boy chapter of Winnie Forsters “Gameplan-Bibel”. If you want to learn more about this german book about videogames, you may want to visit Gameplan.de.

Last but not least we got the boxscan and the response card of Virtual Lab from DogP, also we finally got complete scans of the box and a scan of the cartridge of Space Invaders, and, thanks to Neil, we got pics of the different US and japanese ads from the store displays.

We can also report that a new Virtual Boy page called Next Gen VirtualBoy has been launched by its creator Sam Swayne!

DrAetzn’s nine month in the army began an January 1st, so this will probably be the last update he could participate in for some time. But after the basic training our Doc will sleep at home so he will have more time from April 1st.

So then, into a new exciting and extremely red new year 2003!

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