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Has anyone modelled the VB in any type of 3D package? (CAD, 3DS Max, Solidworks, Inventor, Maya etc)
If so I would really like a copy, if not then I guess I should model one up and release it into the wilds of the community.
Have fun,

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i always wanted to create one, but never got around to it. it would be great if you could create one and release it! πŸ™‚

Cool thats another project for my solidworks.
Are there any dimensioned drawings in existence? I can measure mine but if there are any official ones around a copy would go down a treat.
I can add in the PowerBoyDC too.
Have fun

no i don’t think there are any dimensional drawings. i quickly checked some patents but could not find any.

Hey KR155E, thanks for looking, I guess I will be doing some measuring.
Would there be a way of putting in a wireframe 3D model to view on the VB, I have seen the one on Red Alarm but I am thinking of alot more detailed view to rotate around and zoom into and out of, maybe with filled polygons?

that would be cool! there’s a polygon engine demo, which dogp ported, maybe it can be used for this. check out the following post:


That sounds feasible, I will do some 3D modelling and take it from there, thanks for the pointer to DogP posts,

That’d be cool if you could do that… I’ve been wanting to, but I don’t have any experience with any of those apps.

If you’re good with solidworks and have some spare time, recreating the stand center piece is another thing I’ve been wanting to do, so we could possibly get them recreated. I may be able to get access to a 3D printer to at least tweak the prototypes before doing a full run (assuming there’s enough interest to replace all those broken stand centers).


Hey DogP,
sounds like a place to start, I’ll see what I can do with the centre piece, it would be cool to have this all modelled up dimensionally accurate. Might take some time but its good to have a project to drop into whenever this work thing gets too much, modelling something interesting for a change.
Once I have the centre piece done I’ll send you a copy, πŸ™‚

I’ve made a 3D model of the Virtual Boy!
I made it for scientific drawing in school. (It’s in autocad 2002)
It’s not that good (like the curving on the back didn’t work out that well…
But if you want a copy send a message to me by email.

I started modelling a VB in SketchUp once, but since my skills weren’t so good, I quit.

A few days later, I attempted to recreate Stage 1 of Red Alarm with it. I might get to finish it once. But I think that will take a pretty long time since Reality Boy can’t properly emulate it yet.


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