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I was wondering if the Virtual Boy can load basic models from programs like 3Ds Max and Maya if exported to a format it understands? I was also wondering if anybody was looking for a 3D artist to help out on any projects here?

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Unfortunately, no… the VB doesn’t really know any sort of “3D format”. Everything is basically a 2D bitmap as far as the VB is concerned. You can use 3D modelling software, but to get it on the VB, most likely you’d just export 2D bitmaps from the desired perspective.

The other possibility would be to write a 3D engine that would display actual 3D models, but this would be done in software, and fairly simple/slow.


Exporting as stereo bitmaps seems to be the best option on the VB to me.

We are in the planning stages for a community game project, you’re warmly invited to take part in it. Stereoscopic environments and sprites would be ace! Got something to show?

I have a few things but mostly pretty random and CGI quality not intended for any game. Let me get them all together.

Ok here is a Fallout gun I was trying to do in Maya, I was learning Maya over the year and I know Max a lot better. I’m a 3D environmental artist so I cannot do characters.



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