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Just wanted to say hi.

I’ve been lurking around here for a few years, signed up awhile ago and just haven’t posted yet. I’m a little more active at nintendoage: http://nintendoage.com/users/?8bitmatt

Anyway, I’m a huge Virtual Boy fan, and have been since I was a kid. Currently my collection includes 2 systems, 26 carts, 10 boxes (3 are japanese). I need 3 games to complete the official US set (loose). And then I’ll need 3 boxes to complete it CIB (only 3 boxes not 6 because I plan to buy the last 3 games I need CIB).
If your curious the 3 games I need are:
* 3D Tetris
* Waterworld
* Jack Bros.

I’ll also try to tackle the two demo carts, mario tennis box and finally the japanese games. And just for fun I’d like a flash boy and bound high.

planetvb is amazing. Love all the info here and the community seems solid. I’ll try to be more active. I just might have to start posting high scores after seeing that post by Benjamin Stevens!

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I just want to say hi too…

I bought my first VB 3 month ago. One of its screen became to glitch and I started to find a solution to repair it.
Finally, I repaired both screen succesfully (I’m in electronic) and I ordered on ebay 5 others VB who don’t work. After reparation, each VB work perfectly.
I begin to sell it in Switzerland and it works. In addition to that, some people asked me to repair it own VB 🙂

I love this hardware… I find it clever.
I think, in a near futur, I’ll start to programm a game. I programm in C and assembler.

Thank you for this awesome website.

Welcome to the site, guys! (BTW, czar_h, try not to hijack any more threads, okay? We all think you’re worth having your own “hello” thread ;-))


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