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Another year has passed and now it has already been 4 years since this site has been born; at this point, our thanks go out to our loyal readers. For today’s update we remade the entire site, which mostly means lots and lots of small fixes here and there, though, but if you look very closely you’ll also notice a few new things which have been added during the process. Unfortunately, all guestbook entries since last July have been deleted due to carelessness. So if you signed it since then, please consider doing it again, we promise to always make backups from now on ;/ We also moved the press releases to the Advertising section and did a nice addition to it, the E3 1996 press kit. Reviews of Vertical Force and Blox are also online now. Thanks to Madmax for a new articlescan of the EGM Videogame Buyer’s Guide 2000, and Rezrov for one from Tips & Tricks issue 11/03, which presents his almost complete elite collection! Last additions for today are Brian Hodge’s new FAQ, this time for Space Squash, and the latest version of his Game Endings FAQ, now also with Blox.

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