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I wondered what it would look like if I took a camcorder to the Virtual Boy to see if it could capture the VB’s picture well. So I did a little experiment and you can see it here:
In this video, I’m showing off my game Insect Combat in its very early stages. I’m quite surprised by the quality of the video and how good it is. What do you think?

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I watched the video on my computer at work, which doesn’t have any speakers, so I can’t vouch for the sound, but I was very impressed with the video quality. It looked much clearer than what I would have expected. For some reason, though, the video freezes for me at the 2 minute and 12 second mark, so I only got to see the first insect move a little to the right of the second one. I’d be curious to see how the battles play out. 🙂


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