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Hello i selling some off my N64 collection on ebay on this moment
And i whas thinking maybe somebody from here had some intrest
I selling out about +/- 60 Nintendo 64 games ( cib and loose cards )
Titels Like :
Super Smash Bros ( CIB )
Mario Kart ( CIB )
Duke Nukem zero hour ( CIB )
Castelvania ( CIB )
F-Zero X ( CIB )
Tetrisphere (CIB )
Hybrid Heaven ( CIB )
Golden eye 007 ( CIB )
Banjo Kazooie ( CIB )
Quake ( CIB )
Zelda ocarina of time CIB
Mario Party CIB
Super Mario 64 CIB
Lego Racers CIB
Donkey Kong 64 incl. expansion pack CIB

and lots more
I will ship world wide thats no problem

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Are u selling a n64 system new.

Baptist wrote:
Are u selling a n64 system new.

I dont have a new one only used


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