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hi everybody.
I was wondering if AC adapter tap and power cord were region free or not.
I am also looking for Info about not original power cord, like voltage, amperage and so on.
thanks in advance

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The AC tap is region free. It uses a SNES AC adapter, so just find one within Europe and you’re good to go.

the japanese ac tap uses the nes/famicom plug. i’ve read some where that the master system plug will also work, but don’t quote me on that. the us ac adapter set uses the snes/super famicom plug.

Famicom, Master System, Genesis Model 1 and also 9v Neo Geo all use compatible AC adapters. Never confuse any of these with the American NES AC adapter, which outputs AC and will kill other DC consoles.

thanks for all the answers.
I have an us virtual boy and Monday I will get a Japanese AC tap.
a guy on eBay sold me a non authentic power cord, asking me before which VB I had. us or jap. I told him us, but didn’ t mention the jap tap…

how can I be sure I am not doing Bad?

Hmm, sounds like you should have told him Japanese, since the Japanese tap uses a Super Famicom power cord and the US tap uses a SNES power cord.

you can use either tap on either system, you just need to match it with the right cord because of the size of the plug. so if you get the japanese tap, get a nes/famicom power adpater.

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