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If you are attempting the soldering method and accidentally get flux in the LED array, be very careful. You can take the plastic frame off by melting off the Legs from the back of the board. The LED array is beyond sensitive, I cleaned it using a Cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol, this ripped a few wires off and messed up the entire center wires. After reinstalling it, the virtual boy would not turn on because it was causing a short. So point of story, do not mess with the LED array and if you’re reading this before attempting, have the board slightly elevated so flux won’t spill in and do not use as much flux as you see in YouTube videos. Hope this helps someone.

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Good call. Out of my 4 VB units, the first I had problems soldering. I must have got flux or something on one of the display pieces. Now on this VB there is a slight blur toward the bottom of the screen. It’s hardly noticeable, but it is at times and I keep it put aside.. It’ll be the last one I use when I’m an 80 year old man and all my other VBs have died.

I strongly recommend against messing the LED boards unless you have many years soldering experience. These repairs should be done under a microscope with the use of Kapton tape.
Its a real bummer that theres wires under there and it’s so incredibly suseptible to damage :/

VB at 80 sounds good though, haha by then youll have lots of medication for the headaches too 😀


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