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hi,i repair all sorts of consoles but first i will advertise my virtual boy repair.
first off i have no paypal. all money for repairs is to be concealed in the package you send me. second i do not do mods only repairs. if you want a repair and a mod i can give you links to capable techys that can.

The virtual boy fix is $13 shipped for both eyes $25 shipped if i have to open the unit myself and ship it back. i do offer the toolkit for those that wish to save on shipping. i have only 1 set of tools so it will have to be one person at a time if you request it and have to wait until the tool has been returned to me to send it out. shipping cost of the toolkit must be sent with the final payment. its small so it will be like 2 or 3 bucks shipped in a bubble mailer. a pictured tutorial is below.

If the eyes have been worked on before in any way please let me know so i cat treat them accordingly. if vb eyes have been worked on before there is a bigger chance my fix wont work so it may take longer to apply multiple times. but be prepared for the worst.
my method may be the only chance they have. if my fix does not take you can have piece of mind that they wont get resurrected again and give them a proper burial.

The process is secret and i wont go into detail but its not the common method. no baking in oven,dissolving with draino or glue and tape. Its jets own special technique. its been researched alot and the longest so far is over 2 years without recurrence of lines. there is always the chance that lines will show up again but i can touch it up quick for free for as long as im alive. free pack of philips screws for your virtual boy on request so it can be opened easily if lines do come back.
I have made many other inventive repairs for various consoles mainly the supercdrom/tgcd so i do know a bit about creating new techniques. if i do reveal my secret you will see repairs offered by others of 5 times or more what i am charging so please no questions of any kind on the technique.

my current prices for any console cap changes and what ever fix is needed is $30 each. provide your own laser and free laser install.
handhelds are $15
tg cdrom/pcecdrom gears $7 a set. limit 1 per customer per month,supply is extremely limited.
shipping is not included on console repairs. world wide orders welcomed. if you don’t wish to use this site my email is jetblue7@gmail.com
specialty repairs are listed on my other threads:

half the time its something new that’s wrong with the console so you must be patient as the problem is found and diagnosed. sometimes this will require additional monies. with collaboration with other great techys there is slim chance there will be a repair that we cannot fix.
if you don’t see the console fix listed in the other threads ask me if i have done work on it before or can take a look at it.
like for example im working on a supervision tv converter that has power problems and a sharp twin with a possible worn tape head on its floppy drive and a ps3 that has a dead bluray drive and has current firmware so i cannot do the remarry process. yes i can do the remarry process of a single eye laser bluray drive to a 2 eye laser bluray drive. every console repair is an adventure.
and for the do it yourselfers ask if i have part your looking for. i have tons of spare parts

oh and by the way,i do not do mods.
prices can change at anytime.
Locals in the chicagoland area drop off service available. Save some cash in shipping. Bus and L-train directions at request.
advice,help in fixing your own stuff,recommendations,etc are always free so please ask.

thank you for considering all consoles great and small.
(a non-modding console company,division of shantytech industries)

virtual boy tool kit tutorial:

if you dont have a standard 1/4 inch hex driver one will be sent.
use the opening tool to unscrew the virtual boy then open the vb upside down and the black part should lift up. you can see the eyes and remove the big white ribbon from the board it should slide out with no effort,its not held on by clips. be careful when you get them back and reinserting it as the pins on the ribbon tend to come off.
now unscrew the rest of the eye from the square tube. they are held by 2 screws:
now pack them with a single sheet of either fluffy toilet paper or a kleenex like so:
the first 2 pics are to show how to position them inside of the cardboard. each eye wrapped in tissue should look like this:
and they should fit in the center of the cardboard or side by side.
notice the way i taped the cardboard i sent you,that’s exactly how you should re-tape it. you can use that cardboard or make your own. they should fit snug in there not tight. if they fit tight use less tissue.
if you have any questions let me know and please send back the tools with the eyes and the cash for the repair,the toolkit shipping and shipping back.


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