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I have started a round on ebay whit nice titles all starting for 1.99$
Games like ( all ar CIB ) :
Jack bros Nintendo virtual boy
JJ & JEFF ( Kato Chan & Ken Chan ) pc engine
Macross ( pc engine )
Nintendo super famicom console set
Sega Dreamcast console set
Cyborg 009 super famicom
Sonic Blast man 2 super famicom
FX-BMP Back up Memory Pack Japan Nec Pc-FX
Raiden project playstation 1
robocco wars ( famicom )
marvel super heroes vs. street fighter sega saturn
about 5 pc engine controllers ( sharp / hori / nec )
in the hunt ( Playstation 1 )
Solomon no Kagi 2: Coolmint solomon’s key 2 ( famicom )
Gradius deluxe pack ( sega saturn )
pc engine fan vol.1 music collection
hellfire S pc engine
Spriggan ( pc engine )
MSX disc station 4 and 5 and 8
Xak the Tower of Gazzel precious Package MSX
Dragon Slayer

and allot more
i will ship world wide and will combine shipping

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